Three Considerations Before Hiring a Well Digging Services

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Are you looking for the best well digging services in your area? Finding the best well digging services for your job is critical to ensure you have reliable water in your home, and avoid problems down the road. It is also important to hire the best best well digging services when setting up your well and water tanks because well drilling services are a sizable investment; choosing the best well digging services will help ensure your money is well spent, and you won’t need to invest more money to make repairs down the road.

While you look for contractors for you digging, drilling, and water well sealing needs, it’s important to follow these steps:

Three Considerations to Make Before Hiring a Well Digging Services

  1. Get Estimates and Written Contracts

    Most building professionals recommend getting bids from at least three contractors before making a choice on who will drill your well. When you get these bids, they need to be in writing and include the materials used, services, and the warranties that are offered. This ensures that the comparison between bids is apples-to-apples.

    Keep in mind that just because one bid is a lot lower than the others, doesn’t make it the best deal. A low-ball bid might not include all of the work that all the other estimates included, or they may use cheap materials or cut corners that will come back to bite you down the road. This is why it’s important to get estimates with all of the details. Each bid should include:

    • Whether or not all of the permits and authorizations that are necessary are included in the price.
    • A detailed description or list of what work will be done in the project.
    • A verification that any regulations that apply to the area your property is in will be met, so that additional work isn’t required to get in compliance.
    • The insurance provider who covers the contractor (which you should contact and verify coverage with).
    • The type of well that will be installed, as well as any water disinfectant processes that will be needed.
    • A list of the material that will be used on the project.
    • An overview of the cleanup and landscaping remediation that will be made, if any is necessary.
    • The warranty on parts and labor. Most likely, you’ll get a longer warranty on labor than parts, so each should be described separately.
    • Time frames for when work will be initiated and when the project should be concluded.
    • An itemization of the cost — the per foot cost of drilling, the cost of materials, and other operations.

  2. Licensing

    It is very important that the contractor you use to drill your well is properly licensed with the state that you live in. It is also important that they are insured and bonded. If they were injured through the course of building your well, their insurance will cover any medical costs that may arise. Otherwise, you could be liable for them. If the contractor damaged your property while doing the work and didn’t repair it themselves, their bond will cover the cost of making the repairs. Additionally, in order to maintain their bonding, the well drilling contractor probably isn’t going to damage your property and leave it.

  3. Experience and Reputation
    The best indication that you’ve found the best well digging services is if they’ve been in business for decades and decades, and have a good reputation. Every well drilling job is as unique as a snowflake, but if your contractor has been in the business for years and years, they’ll likely have seen similar issues and will know how to address them. In some cases, they might be able to avoid issues altogether because of lessons they’ve learned in the past. The longer the contractor has been in business (with a good reputation), the more confidence you can have in them.

    Before making a final selection on a well drilling and digging contractor, make sure to ask for referrals from past customers. Contact past clients and ask about their satisfaction. Ask how the contractor did sticking to the budget and timelines. Ask how they handled it if problems arise. Problems are unavoidable; what’s important is how the contractor handled it.

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