Three Risks of not Having Air Filters Changed

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It is recommended that the air filter on your HVAC unit be replaced at least once every twelve weeks. Many homeowners are unaware of the importance of regularly changing air filters. However, the costs and drawbacks associated with having an old air filter may have you more aware of how important this process can be. Here are three dangers that those with old air filters are under great risk of noticing.

  1. Allergens – When the air filter in your home is old and dirty, it greatly increases allergens getting into your air. Air filters are put in place to filter out the dust and allergens that you don’t want in your home. Needless to say, when you have an old filter in your HVAC unit, the allergens are not being filtered out and go right into the air that you breathe. Many people have mysterious allergies that they have no idea how they got.

    In many instances, the air filter that you’ve forgotten to change is the likely cause behind your allergies. HVAC air filters that aren’t properly changed can have you suffering from allergies throughout the entire year! If the allergens become bad enough, you could even wind up feeling very sick. There are HVAC companies that can quickly and safely have your air filter replaced and it might even rid you of those allergies.

  2. Increased Utility Bills – Having worn down HVAC filters are a likely culprit of those higher utility bills you might be seeing. When the HVAC unit in your home has a dingy filter, it can require more air to be pushed out in order to cool your home. A clogged air filter will only make your HVAC unit work harder to reach temperatures that could easily be obtained if a new air filter had been put in place. The extra effort that will be needed by your HVAC system will likely have you paying more in bills.

    When an air conditioner is overworked it will add up to increased electricity costs. In addition, the longer the HVAC goes without an air filter, the longer you will see those skyrocketing utility bills. Many put off having a professional come to look at their air conditioner, only to be shocked when they realize how inexpensive an air filter replacement is. Enjoying a lower utility bill is something every homeowner will welcome.

  3. Greater Risk of Equipment Breakdown – Statistics show that a new HVAC system can last around 12 to 15 years when properly maintained. A big part of avoiding an air conditioner repair is to keep your air filters replaced. HVAC air filters can be quickly installed by many air conditioning repair companies. As previously stated, a dirty HVAC air filter increases the workload of the HVAC unit.

    When an air conditioner has to work harder to circulate air, it puts additional pressure on the unit. Over time, the pressure caused by having to work so hard to cool your home can greatly run down your HVAC unit. If you haven’t changed your HVAC air filter recently, you can greatly reduce the 12-15 year lifespan of your HVAC unit.

In closing, the importance of regularly having your HVAC air filters changed can not be understated. Removing your home of allergens and dust will have you likely feeling much better. Reducing your energy bills, through having a fresh air filter installed, is a welcome relief for anyone. Also, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your HVAC unit is functioning properly is a great feeling. If you are experiencing any of the concerns seen in this list, consider calling a professional HVAC repair company.

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