Installing a Backyard Pool? Make Sure You are Prepared!

Swimming pool cleaning

Have you always dreamed of having your own pool in your backyard? You could jump in for a quick swim within minutes. You could invite all of your family and friends over for a BBQ and pool swimming day. Pools are great additions to any home. However, they do require some planning and then, a good amount of upkeep to keep them in great working condition. If you are considering having a pool installed into your backyard living space, remember the following maintenance and preparation tips.

Proper planning
You will want to fully evaluate your backyard space to decide how large and deep your pool will be. This will likely require the services of a professional pool installation company. They can run important tests on your backyard area, and make recommendations on how large and how deep to install the pool. You will also want to leave enough of your backyard for lounging, entertaining, and other outdoor activities. Planning for a pool that is too large and takes up too much of the backyard space can be a problem.

You will also want to plan for the safety of your pool. If you have small children or pets, you may consider an above ground pool, or an in ground pool with gated entrance. Even if you there are no small children or pets living in the house, adding security features can increase the value of your house to future buyers. Your city may also require a fenced in yard to prevent neighbors from easily entering the pool area. For maximum pool safety, install four sided isolation fencing, at least 5 feet high, equipped with self closing and self latching gates, that completely surrounds the pool and prevents direct access from the house and yard.

Plan for proper opening and closing of the pool
If you live in a state with multiple seasons, you may have to open and close your pool, depending on the season. States that experience extremely cold winters may have to implement specific winterizing pool service tasks. This is to prevent the water in the pool from freezing, expanding the pool liner, and then cracking it. Replacing an entire pool filter can be expensive and should be prevented. You should plan for annual opening and closing of your pool every season.

Understand when pool repairs are needed
Owning a pool does not require that you become a pool expert. However, you should have the ability to identify when your pool needs repairs. Major pool repairs can be very expensive and force you to close your pool for an entire season. However, if you can identify problems with the pool when they are still minor, they can be fixed more cost and time efficiently. It is important that all pool repairs are completed by a person experienced in pools.

Keep up with regular pool cleanings
Pool cleanings are probably the most overlooked requirement of pools. Before you decide to have a pool installed, ensure that you are prepared for the complex pool cleaning requirements. Some would even call swimming pool cleaning a science. Pool water should be tested regularly to make sure it is clean and healthy. The pH scale is a measurement of acidity or alkalinity that runs from 0 to 14. A reading between 7.2 and 7.8 is ideal, this range is safe for swimmers and helps sanitizers work at top efficiency. This pool chemistry needs to be checked regularly for optimal safety. However, you can hire a local pool cleaning service.

Owning a pool can provide you and your family with hours of beneficial entertainment. Swimming is currently the 4th most popular sport or activity in the U.S. However, in order to have a healthy and safe pool, it is important to understand pool cleaning needs and take care in placing the pool. Your pool should be properly opened and closed each season. You should also become familiar with the process involved in checking the pools chemicals. Hiring a local pool cleaning company is usually the best way to keep up with these pool maintenance tasks.


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