Millennials Have Been Found To Renovate Their Homes As Much As Baby Boomers Do Here’s Why

Modern kitchen cabinets

What constitutes good interior design? Is it the materials you use or the themes you employ? Your average designer would likely cite all of the above…and why not? The world is a vast and impressive one for creating the interior design to end all interior design, with countless resources, techniques and styles for you to choose from at a whim. The kitchen is one of the most renovated areas of the home and, as such, Italian kitchen cabinets and modern kitchen design have risen to the forefront of the interior design industry as must-haves for most American homeowners. Consider the list below if you’re wondering how contemporary kitchen cabinets can bolster your portfolio.

How Is The Home Renovation Industry Faring?

Americans are seeking the aid of interior designers more than ever. The majority of homeowners have been found to spend anywhere from $12,000 to $32,000 on kitchen remodeling alone, which is nothing to say of bathroom or living room additions. HGTV commonly recommends that homeowners who plan on staying in their homes for at least five years should remodel with their comfort the most important aspect. Overall, Harvard University estimated that homeowners spend a collective $310 billion on remodeling and repairs both. Contrary to popular belief, renovations come from a wide variety of people, budgets and lifestyles.

Who Renovates Their Home The Most?

Before we look into Italian kitchen cabinets, let’s talk interior design and how it affects your customers. Millennial homeowners between the ages of 18 and 34 have been found to be just as likely to remodel their homes as other age groups back in 2014, meaning your customer could be someone who recently moved into a house as well as someone that has owned multiple houses over the course of their lifetime. Although there are many designs to choose from, more classical and homely themes have proven to have quite a bit of staying power. This includes an emphasis on aged wood, neutral colors and antique furniture as well as tile designs.

What Are Common Kitchen Choices?

Due to how commonly the kitchen is used it often is one of the first choices for renovation. Some renovations are aesthetic, such as changes in paint or tiling, while others are functional. Stainless steel was widely considered the top choice of kitchen appliances at 70%, thanks to a homeowners renovation survey, though was far from the only one. According to a survey, white cabinets were the most popular choice for those that sought out Italian kitchen cabinets or a similar type. Over 40% also chose white over brown wood. Keeping in mind the more common preference can help you and the customer narrow down their choices.

What Are Good Themes For Homeowners?

The goal of interior design is to make a house feel harmonious and comfortable. This means being aware of the unique personalities and goals of the homeowners as well as the basic necessities involved in structuring a home from the inside out. The National Association Of Home Builders conducted multiple surveys recently, finding kitchen remodels to represent nearly 70% of requested jobs back in 2012. The average American will spend up to $21,000 on kitchen remodeling costs, that of which can include brand new installations or repairs along the foundation. At the end of the day, kitchen designers should consider what makes a strong kitchen and do their best to extend that to their customer.

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