Which Patio Design Ideas are Perfect for Your Backyard?

Backyard remodeling

When you purchased your home for sale, you likely imagined yourself sitting in the backyard, barbequing, and sipping a drink. In fact, a new survey by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscaping Professionals conducted among 2,034 U.S. adults (ages 18 plus), finds that three quarters of Americans (75%) feel that it is important to spend time outside in their yards. However, for more Americans to be satisfied with their outdoor time, their outdoor living spaces require backyard remodeling. Remember the following backyard design ideas to get the most out of your backyard entertainment space.

Relaxation space

An ideal backyard to many Americans encompasses a relaxing space. It is a space that promotes comfort and a reduction in stress. To increase the relaxation of your backyard, consider high privacy fences, comfortable seating, and lots of colorful flowers. Patio design ideas that specifically promote relaxation include comfortable lounge chairs, exterior shading, and well designed patio remodeling. Your patio design ideas should make you want to spend more time outdoors.

Entertainment space

Another common use for backyard areas is for entertaining purposes. People enjoy inviting family and friends over for a BBQ. Your patio design ideas should also keep space for entertainment purposes in mind. If possible, extend the deck for additional seating. Guests prefer to sit on the deck, rather than in the grass areas. Installing a shade or tented system can help to control the temperature and bugs when entertaining. Also, ensure that you have easy access from the patio or deck into the house. This will not only make it easier for guests to come and go, but will also make it easier for you to brings out needed items for barbequing or entertaining.

Energy usage reduction

When you are thinking of patio design ideas to increase relaxation and entertainment value, keep environmentally friendliness in mind. Many landscaping improvements can also provide benefits to the environment, as well as reduce your heating and cooling bills. Planting large shaded trees can cut down on cooling costs. Installing visually appealing window shutters can keep cold air from leaving the house. These small renovation projects look nice and help you cut costs monthly.

Sustainable energy projects are another common outdoor improvement area. Sustainable home improvement projects are on the upswing, generating about 30% of revenue at full service remodeling firms. Around 20% of homeowners reporting improvement spending in 2012 and 2013 indicated that at least one of their projects was for energy efficient purposes. Homeowners are realizing their importance in doing their part to conserve the Earth?s energy.

Unique outdoor features

If you want to create a truly unique outdoor living space, consider the installation of optional amenities. A few examples of these amenities include outdoor kitchens, exterior showers, or a hot tub. These are amenities that are not necessarily required for a comfortable outdoor living space, but will definitely add value and usage. You and your guests will appreciate the additions and it is likely to significantly increase your time spent outdoors. Pair the perfect addition with your outdoor preferences for the ideal backyard space. If you have a lot of BBQs, an outdoor kitchen is perfect. If you have an in ground pool, adding a hot tub or outdoor shower will complement it perfectly.

The majority of Americans believe that spending time outdoors is important. This is why many homes are equipped with patios and porches, in fact, about one third of single family homes that sold in the U.S. in 2014 came with a patio and a porch. Homes that are sold without these additions tend to build one within a couple years of ownership. Other exterior improvements can increase your time spent outdoors. When you are planning your outdoor remodel, keep relaxation, comfort, energy usage and reduction, and entertainment in mind for the perfect and most useful backyard space.

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