Re-Envision Your Master Bathroom and Kitchen

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There’s nothing more luxurious than soaking in a bathtub while gazing out at a beautiful landscape or feeling the sensation of a rain-style shower. This is why so many homeowners are planning to recreate their master bathrooms.

Since 10% of new showers and bathtubs are available with high-tech features, these are at the top of the list for many remodeling jobs. When renovating their master bathrooms, 90% of homeowners are planning to change the entire style of this vital space. Chances are that this will include a unique back splash that resonates with the overall design.

Whether it’s for their master bathroom or a guest bathroom, 87% of homeowners are planning to upgrade their showers. The “2016 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study” found that 30% of the respondents were planning to enlarge their showers by at least 50%. It’s also likely that a few homeowners chose to have a tub remodel, such as replacing their old tub with a modern spa.

Other bathroom renovations included new flooring, countertops, showers, sinks, and other major features. Whether they opted for a sleek and elegant back splash or something more eclectic like a multicolored mosaic, chances are that there were quite a few homeowners choosing to enhance their showers wall or add a splash of color on the wall behind and above the sinks.

After bathrooms, kitchen remodels were another much-requested renovation request. The “2016 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study” found that 60% of the respondents were adding more storage space to their kitchens. However, approximately 76% of the homeowners were planning to change their entire kitchen design.

When choosing new counter tops, floors, appliances, and other enhancements, the survey found that 87% of the homeowners had a professional assist them. Just imagine watching as the preliminary designs are transformed into a dream kitchen!

Are you planning a few bathroom or kitchen upgrades? Or perhaps you’re thinking about having these and other rooms totally renovated. Whichever project you’re planning to take care of first, just imagine the final results when you work closely with a professional designer and contractor. After the renovations are complete, your entire house will feel transformed!

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