When Renovating Becomes Much-Needed Repair

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Indoor plumbing is perhaps the greatest luxury of our homes. Water to bath in, water to wash dishes, and clothes, and our floors makes our lives so much easier, not to mention cleaner. Clean running water is a wonderful perk of modern housing. But that water could cause quite a few problems if your home has leaks, whether from a faucet, a damp basement, or a flash flood. Here’s when to know if your condo remodeling is going to dovetail into repairs instead.

Dripping Faucets Aren’t Just Annoying, They’re Costing You Money.

The plink-plink plinking of a leaking faucet is an annoying sound. If turning the knobs tighter doesn’t fix the problem, is time to take a closer look to find the problem. Don’t dismiss the issue as just a little water, either. That water adds up. If a faucet drips once per second every day, it adds up to roughly 3,000 gallons of water each year. What does that equal? Nearly 180 showers. At one shower per day, that is six months of showering going down the drain. Think of that small problem continuing on for two years, or three years. That will be 9,000 gallons, unused, but still paid for; spending the money for a plumber to check the faucets seems small in comparison.

Is There Mold Growing In Your Home?

Water damage causes problems for your floors and the walls. While severe water damage may prompt a homeowner to do a little condo remodeling, it is important to not forget the walls. For example, if a washing machine breaks and floods the surrounding rooms in as little as 1/2 inch of water, there is a good chance the walls will be compromised. A drywall exposed to that amount for at least three hours can actually wick the moisture as much as six inches up. If the base had water proofing, then it might be fine. But mold can grow in a warm moist environment with 24 to 48 hours if untreated. Better put checking for mold on your home remodeling list.

How Solid Are the Walls? Checking For Termites During Condo Remodeling.

While you check for mold, remember to be on the lookout for another destroyer of structural soundness: the termite. Possibly the least amount of fun during condo remodeling, checking your home for termites is nonetheless vital to the structure of a home. Termites are found in about 600,000 homes each year, and on average cause nearly $750 million in damages (not in treatment). Signs of termite damage include saggy drywall, peeling paint, spongy floors, and discarded wings.

Home repairs may need to be apart of your condo remodeling plans. A sound home is preferable to a home with shiny bells and whistles, but is rotting from the inside out. Remember to check for leaks, water damage, mold, and termites. Once the home is clear of those, it’s time for the fun part.

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