Have You Changed Your HVAC Filters Lately? You Could Be Losing Money Otherwise

Most of us forget to change our HVAC filters until they stop functioning then we go out looking for HVAC services. A dirty air filter is dangerous because it causes your HVAC to clog and break down. Once the dirt accumulates, a blockage may occur on the entrance. That forces your HVAC to work extra hard to pump air, leading to fan breakdown.

You will need to cough some money to repair your HVAC in such a scenario. If the damage is extreme, buying a new heating and cooling unit can be inevitable.
However, before deciding on that, you can ask about HVAC technician within your area to help you identify the problem.

A technician will show you an ac duct system diagram to help you understand how the HVAC works. That will help you realize the importance of regular maintenance for your HVAC. If you opt to buy a new HVAC, look out for ac direct reviews from the companies selling or websites. The reviews indicate what you can expect with your new HVAC system.

You can avoid all that tussle and hassle by practicing the maintenance tips we are discussing below.

Air conditioning repair

The weather has gone from passable to downright stifling. Can your air conditioner hold up to the onslaught? You’ll want to look into reliable AC repair sometime this month to buff out any issues your system may have on the down low and make sure you’re not accidentally wasting excess money or affecting your indoor air quality. When nearly every American home has some sort of air conditioning unit in place, a little check-up can be invaluable.

Change Your Filters

Filters are the middleman between you and lackluster breathing conditions. They catch airborne contaminants, dander, pollen and dust, trapping it out of reach and keeping you and your family healthy. When your filters are old or damaged they can’t do their job, creating poor indoor air quality that could have long-term consequences — believe it or not, indoor air quality is often worse than outdoor air quality! Air filters should be changed every one to three months, with more active households requiring more frequent swaps.

Check Your Ducts

So you know about filters and swapping them out every now and again. What about your ducts? Properly sealing and insulating ducts can significantly improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, with some studies suggesting as much as 20%. This means you’re not having vital temperature changes, hot or cold, escaping your home and costing you green. Air conditioning units can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years depending on maintenance and the model.

Save Your Money

Did you know heating and cooling account for nearly half of a home’s typical energy use? As you can imagine, people are quite avid about finding reliable AC repair and saving money as they go about their daily lives. When your HVAC system doesn’t seem to get any better no matter what you do, it may be time to look into different types of air conditioners. Sometimes buying a new model entirely can save you money on constant repairs, with the added benefit of increased quality.

Remember These Tips

Need a few more tips to get the most out of your system? Try getting a programmable thermostat for your home. For every two degrees you lower your thermostat, you can save 5% on your heating costs every month. The best part? These are automatic, so you don’t have to worry about losing money while you’re out of the house! For those with furnaces, take a glance at those with AFUE ratings. Those that land between 90% and 95% are considered high-efficiency, with the minimum number going no lower than 80%.

Call Your Local Reliable AC Repair Service

Your air conditioning options are as varied as the seasons. You can look into reliable AC repair for when you have a busted wire as well as when you have a filter that needs replacing. For those that need a more robust once over, look into the benefits of hiring an HVAC specialist. They can determine the exact model your home needs to stay comfortable no matter where the weather takes you, with ENERGY STAR models proven to be green while saving green. Don’t sweat it this summer. Look into AC repair and start saving this month as well as the next.

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