Mold Has Been Attributed To Allergies, Coughing And Even Asthma Is Your AC Unit Up To The Task?

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that asthma is on the rise. About one in every dozen Americans suffers from a form of asthma. The Mayo Clinic notes that most people with asthma also suffer from allergies. Some of the best advice for asthma patients is to get checked to see if they are allergic to common things like pollen, mold and house dust. Allergy treatment may be needed to help control asthma as well as allergies.

Common allergic asthma symptoms and treatment can also be helped by making sure the filters in furnaces and air conditioners are routinely changed. Some people may need air purifiers to help make the air quality in their homes better. Air asthma alerts are given out on the news. Whenever possible, stay indoors when bad air alerts are given.

Perhaps you’ve been coughing a lot recently. How do you know if it’s an adult asthma cough? Usually, you wheeze at the end of a coughing spell. This might sound like a whistle. Coughs are usually dry or do not bring up mucus, but not always. People suffering with allergies and asthma may cough up mucus. People with asthma tend to feel tightening in the chest and have trouble catching their breath.

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Summer may be down, but it’s not out. You still have weeks and weeks of sweltering weather to look forward to. How is your AC unit faring? If you’re noticing it keeps making strange noises throughout the night or just doesn’t cool a room like it used to, it’s more than possible you’re lagging behind on AC maintenance. Your air conditioning unit is one of the most robust elements in your home. Unfortunately, that also means a lot more can go wrong. Before you consider renovating your backyard or adding new tiles in your bathroom, consider giving your AC unit a touch-up to prepare you for the hot days to come.

Check off the questionnaire below in your head to give yourself a good idea on whether or not you need a check-up or an outright replacement.

Is My Energy Bill Too High?

Nobody looks forward to their energy bill. You can, however, take some of the sting out of your monthly figures by checking your AC unit. Air conditioners today use around 50% less energy than they did back in the 1990’s. Despite this, they are still one of the biggest energy users in the average American household. Duct leakage is known to sap 20% and even 40% of the energy out of even the best well-operating air conditioning unit. HVAC companies, however, are more than capable of tackling these problems.

Do I Keep Sneezing, Coughing And Wiping My Eyes?

Perhaps you have a sensitive constitution. Maybe you get seasonal allergies or an asthma flare-up when the warm weather comes around. Your air conditioning unit isn’t just for changing temperature and making you comfortable. It’s also used to clean out your air and filter out harmful pollen, dust and mold. According to studies provided by the Mayo Clinic, over 90% of chronic sinus infections are caused by mold. The EPA has also found that all forms of mold can cause major side-effects.

Does My Home Feel Too Hot Or Muggy?

Now for the meat of the issue. If your home isn’t feeling crisp and cool during the worst of the summer months, you have an AC unit that needs help. The average summer in Alabama sees daytime temperatures in the 90s, sometimes exceeding 100s and leaving many sweaty and miserable. While two-thirds of all American households have an air conditioner in place, many of these are old, inefficient or just outright not working. Don’t wait hours for your AC unit to ‘kick in’. Let an HVAC service help.

Have I Gotten My Filters Replaced Lately?

Filters are how your air conditioning unit keeps the air circulating cleanly and smoothly. The majority of HVAC system filters need to be changed every one to three months or so, according to, and should be done with the aid of a professional. Even the most efficient HVAC systems need to be looked into twice per year to make sure there is no duct leakage, dirty filters or electrical malfunctions keeping you from the comfort you deserve.

Should I Repair Or Replace My AC Unit?

Now that you’ve asked the right questions you can get started on the fast track to a comfortable, clean and efficient household. You can save up to 20% on your energy costs per month by switching to a new air conditioning unit, which is particularly relevant for households dealing with systems that are over 10 years old. Likewise, a poor installation can decrease your cooling efficiency by 30% or more. Don’t put off your AC repairs.

Get them checked so you can spend the rest of the summer in style.


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