Radon Danger 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Radon mitigation

Radon mitigation companies are out there for your safety and health. Identifying severe radon levels in its early stages can be a lifesaving discovery. Sadly, according to the Surgeon General, radon is now the second leading cause of lung cancer in all of the United States.

If you?re curious about local radon testing or want to simply know what is radon, you might want to consider doing a little research beforehand. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding local radon testing and all its dangers.

  1. What’s the actual risk involved with radon and getting cancer? — Most scientists estimate that lung cancer deaths could be reduced by at least 2% to 4% — 5,000 deaths — by lowering radon levels in homes exceeding the Environmental Protection Agency’s action level. The actual risk of lung cancer actually increases by 16% per 100 Bq/m increase in long time average radon concentration.
  2. How many homes are at risk for high levels of radon damage? — Unfortunately, about one in 15 homes across the United States are estimated to have radon levels at or above the EPA’s action level.
  3. Can devices find radon levels above EPA’s action level in the short term? — Yes, short-term devices can measure radon levels for at least two days and up to 90 days depending on the strength and quality of device being used.
  4. What is the damage of radon in comparison to nuclear exposure? — A family that lives in a home with radon levels of 4 pCi/l is exposed to approximately 35 times as much radiation as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission would allow if that same exact family was standing next to the fence surrounding a radioactive waste site.
  5. About how many deaths are caused each year from cancer that was brought upon by radon exposure? — The EPA, alongside the Surgeon General’s Office, have estimated that as many as 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year are a direct result of radon exposure.

  6. Make sure you’re protection your family from radon by any means possible. Seek out trusted local radon testing if you’re nervous and call a medical professional.

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