When Was the Last Time That You Added New Flowers to Your Landscaping?

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Until the tour campus tour guide pointed it out, you never would have guessed that the beautiful landscaping around the college included vegetables. You vaguely remembered thinking that a couple of the plants in the arrangements in the pots and in the ground areas looked familiar, but you simply did not realize that what you were looking at were zucchini, squash, and other edible vegetables. The fact that the beautiful landscaping served a functional purpose was a real plus to your daughter. She loves all fresh vegetables and the thought of being able to grab a healthy snack every now and them was very enticing.
Although not all gardeners and landscapers plant vegetables in their other wise decorative planters and flower beds, many vegetables really do have both beautiful and colorful leaves.
Do You Have Plans to Update Your Landscaping This Year?
Whether you are interested in creating an outdoor living environment at your home or business or you simply want to add color to the front of your home, professional landscaping services might be of great help. In fact, landscaping tips and tricks from a team of professionals can give your property a look that will make your home stand out in the neighborhood.
Consider some of these statistics about the landscaping industry and the value it can add to your home:

  • Gardeners love their flowers, but many of them also love their home grown vegetables. Have you ever considering combining these two kinds of plants to create beautiful landscaping that is also unique?
  • Only the best gardeners understand the care that it takes to grow both flowers and vegetables.
  • Olives, capers, and other Mediterranean crops require special techniques and attention to grow successfully.
  • Dense trees can block as much as 95% of sunlight and 75% of the sun’s heat.

  • Every project is different, but landscaping can speed up a building’s sale by as much as six weeks.
  • Never underestimate the beauty of a well maniqured lawn.
  • Ocra is not only a healthy addition to any meal, but it will also add fresh color and life to your landscaping.
  • Unique landscaping allows homeowners to alway feel welcomed when they step into their house just past the beautiful green walkway.
  • Gargoyles are a beautiful addition to a pot of spiraling ferns.
  • High trees and low shrubs will attract only the best attention to your home or buisness.

  • Tiger lilies and tulips will add vibrancy to your home.
  • One way to make sure you have color all spring, summer, and fall is to consult with an area landscaper who can help you plan your selection.

  • Enjoying time outside is becoming increasingly popular for many families. Backyard patios, in fact, can help you add to your living space.
  • All green space adds to the peacefulness of a property, whether it is a home or a business.
  • Trees can lower air conditioning bills by as much as 15% to 50%.

Your beautiful landscaping does not need to be GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT but planting a few vegetables to your arrangements can help you add function to your flowers.

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