3 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Backyard Projects

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Are you ready to transform your backyard into the most relaxing part of your home? Maybe you?ve been saying you?ll redo your backyard for years. It gets delayed time-and-time again by other household projects that become more important. Now is the chance to go ahead and start working on your dream year. All you need to do is pick a place to start. One of the best places to begin with your backyard renovation project is with lighting. Without the proper outdoor lighting, your backyard is only useful to your during the daytime!

Interested in learning more about how to upgrade your backyard with landscape lighting and patio lighting? Keep reading to find out how lighting and other backyard upgrades can give you the yard of your dreams.

3 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Backyard Projects

Don?t start another home renovation project before working on your backyard. It?s the perfect time to transform your backyard with a few outdoor lighting projects. If you need some ideas for inspiration, check out our three ideas on this list.

1. Path lighting

Do you have a stone path or another type of path in any area of your yard? If you don?t, now would be a great time to add one. You can make one that is for practical uses or for decorative purposes. If you want it to be practical, add the stone path leading from a door to a seating area. You could also add on throughout your garden for people to walk on as they look at your flowers. A path through the garden can also simply be decorative if you choose stones or other material that you think complement your yard.

Make sure the path has lighting so that it is still visible even at nighttime. You can do so by adding low voltage path lights near the path. Choose low voltage or LEDs because they are better for the environment. They use 15% of the energy that normal bulbs do and the light output is 85% more.

2. Patio or deck lighting

Have you already built your ideal patio or deck? If you haven?t, you should start your backyard renovation with this project. Even if your backyard is smaller in size, there?s still room for a patio. Nearly 70% of homeowners think that their backyard is a great place for relaxing. With a patio and some seating, your backyard will definitely become the most relaxing place at your home. For this project, you may need to hire a professional to help. It?s typical to use a professional for some outdoor projects as around 70% of homeowners choose this option.

Your patio or deck needs to be properly lighted so that you can use it during the day or at night. When you have dinner parties or celebrations that go into the evening, you don?t want it to be too dark. Choose low voltage deck lighting to add. You can try to install the low voltage deck lighting on your own. If you want to leave it up to the professionals, they can install your low voltage deck lighting, too.

3. Landscape lighting

Once you?ve built your patio or deck and added a path to your backyard, you can add more landscape lighting. This can be for decorative purposes, but it can also help light up your backyard when it starts to get darker. It adds some ambience to your backyard, especially if you choose to do something creative like hang string lights throughout the trees.

Pick one or all of these outdoor projects to start working on this year. Outdoor lighting is a great way to make your backyard more relaxing and useful to you during the day and at night. That?s why nearly 50% of homeowners choose to add lighting to their backyards during renovations. Don?t forget to use LED light bulbs for everything from landscape lights to low voltage deck lighting.

What backyard renovation projects do you hope to complete this year? Have you started any that aren?t on this list? Share your projects and progress with us in the comments.

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