Are You Getting Ready to Start a New Industrial Career?

Suppliers for non sparking tools

The list of needed tools is extensive. From pipe alignment clamps and purge monitors to non sparking tools for welding, the specific tools used at your new job were very specific. You realized that this job was gong to let you do exactly what you wanted the first time you heard about it, but you were not certain that you would be able to make the transition so quickly. With the help of your new boss and the previous training that you had, though, you knew that this opportunity was worth the effort.
The welding job that you will start next month is a great opportunity. The fact that you have not worked full time in a few years means that you will be managing a more busy schedule than the last few years, but you know that the this is a great idea in your effort to make a quick investment in your future retirement fund.
Although it is not easy to make a career change at some points in your life, the decision to do something that you love is reason enough. The fact that welders are in high demand these days means that a job that you have always loved can
help you earn some great money for future vacations.
According to the American Welding Society, more than 500,000 welders employed in America. This number, however, is not enough to meet the needs of the increasing number of projects that are needed as the nation works to rebuild its infrastructure.
Consider these facts and figures about pipe alignment clamps clamps and other tools that are used as part of the welding industry:

  • Horizontal plate clamps and vertical plate clamps are the two basic types of clamps for lifting sheet metal.
  • With a tensile strength of 1280 – 1480 MPa, beryllium copper is the hardest and strongest of any copper alloy. Welding this alloy requires specific skills and care.
  • 50% of products made in America require welding.
  • Five different types of alignment clamps are currently on the market and they cover virtually every aspect of pipe and fitting alignment.
  • 3,500 B.C. is the he earliest recorded us of welding.
  • By continuing to use old-fashioned methods to align pipes and fittings, thousands of dollars in labor are lost by companies every year.

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