Home Improvement Projects From Roof and Siding Repairs to Sunroom and Bathroom Additions

UPDATED 1/7/21

Homeowners appear to be focusing on remodeling more this year than last, according to “HomeAdvisor’s 2017 True Cost Survey.” In fact, they’re engaged in almost 60% more home improvement projects than they were in 2016.

If you’re thinking about getting a few projects going, you may be interested to hear what other homeowners have been doing over the past year or so. These projects are accomplished with the professional assistance of home improvement contractors and general contractors, of course.

General Maintenance and Repair Projects

During 2016, for example, many homeowners took care of at least 2 maintenance or repair projects. This was a 12% increase over the number of these types of jobs from 2015. About 36% of the remodeling jobs being handled are for repairs due to different types of property damage.

Roof Replacements

In the United States, 4 out of every 5 homes have asphalt shingle roofs. Given that inclement weather can cause damage to roofs and other parts of the house, such as the siding and window frames, about 65% of homeowners indicated that they were going to have their roofs repaired.

When homeowners have a new asphalt roof installed, however, they can potentially receive a return on their investment of 62%. Whether they’re planning to sell in the near future or live in their home for years to come, it makes sense to have a new roof installed when the existing roof is old and in need of excessive repairs.

Getting the best results when looking for a home roofing service takes a good roofer. In case you need a roofing contractor, go for a reputable roofing company. People will consider giving positive feedback after dealing with a business only if it fits the delivery of service expected and much better.


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Choose to deal with a roofing contractor with good communication skills. This will make your work more comfortable as the right information is passed to you to help you know how to go about your roofing. All the staff, especially contractors, should possess the necessary skills to deliver quality work. It takes expertise to perfect skills in a contractor’s job. Therefore, people need to consider roofing companies that have been in business for a more extended period.

Home Renovations and Additions

Bathrooms, kitchens, and sunrooms are all popular renovations and/or additions. About 90% of homeowners are upgrading their master bathrooms and changing this room’s overall style. When adding on an entirely new bathroom, however, this addition can bring an average return on investment of 86.4%.

Around 76% of homeowners are planning to remodel their kitchens and change the overall style of this space during the process. Even a minor kitchen remodel, such as new counters, cabinets, and backsplashes, can bring an average return on investment of 82.7%.

While adding a sunroom may sound like a major investment, it can significantly increase a home’s resale value. The average return on investment for this addition can range between 89% to 115% of the original cost. This is particularly the case when this home is used about 4 times throughout the day.

Basement finishing is also a project on some homeowner’s to-do lists. This space can be used for so many different purposes, such as a laundry room, guest bedroom, or entertainment room. Furthermore, when homeowners live in areas where there are severe storms, basements can become damp or flood if they aren’t properly finished and insulated.

Outdoor Living Space Additions

Homeowners are also revitalizing and upgrading their outdoor living spaces. The “2017 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey” predicted that these were the most popular outdoor structures to be added this year:

  • Pergolas
  • Decks
  • Fencing


Contact a General Contractor to Get Started

Whether you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, kitchen, basement, or another room in your house, you can get started with the process by contacting a general contractor. If you’re planning to add on a second or third bathroom, a sunroom, or revitalize your outdoor living space with a deck or pergola, a home improvement company can assist you with this. When you have a few repairs that need taking care of, or a new roof and siding installation, your contractor will be able to assist you with this as well.

Knowing ‘what is an addition expression’ can be useful for the people who are planning remodeling projects. There are different types of addition projects that a lot of people will try. The ‘whats addition’ question can become complicated, since so many modifications can be considered ‘additions.’

People sometimes add entire rooms to their homes. However, a household addition does not have to be as dramatic as that. The people who decide to get new outdoor decks installed are making additions to their homes. Some addition challenge types will be particularly significant.

The people who plan out projects like this might be interested in the long-term overall value of their homes. However, the people who are planning on staying at the same home for a while still frequently get home additions. In fact, after getting the addition, they might be even more enthusiastic about staying at a particular location.

While some people get houses that were specifically built for them, this is rarely the case. People can find houses that they mostly like, and then modify those homes at a later point. Of course, people also might change their minds about the features that they want at home, and getting additions can be the next step for some people.

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