Red Flags That Mean You Need Air Conditioning Repair

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In Florida, it is hard to live without an air conditioner. It is what keeps us sane in the hot weather after all! But what happens if your home air conditioner just stops working all of a sudden? You are left without cold air and you need to find some kind of reprieve from the sweltering weather, something no one wants to do when it is hot outside!

The best way to prevent a broken air conditioner is by investing in preventative air conditioning maintenance. No one wants to hear ” air conditioner not working,” so here are some red flags to pay attention to that you need HVAC right away.

It is making weird noises

Sure, a grumble or a bump now and again is a normal thing to hear from your unit. But if you all of a sudden are hearing rumbling, squeaking, or groaning, then there is a severe problem with your unit. Usually, this means that there is a part missing or broken, that needs to be repaired right away. Don’t let the annoying sounds go for too long, as a machine working without all its necessary parts can be quite problematic in the long run.

Your home isn’t cooled equally

Are you noticing that some rooms in your home are cooler than others? This is a surefire sign you have a problem with the ductwork in your home , as there could be a blockage somewhere you are unable to see. Make sure all your vents are open, then call a repair shop right away.

Your home feels damp

A huge component of your air conditioning unit is its humidifier. A good working humidifier will make sure your home isn’t too damp or too dry, but if you are feeling either dry or stuffy or there is a lingering damp feeling, you could be in the need for a consultation.

Besides these three red flags, don’t be afraid to take action if you notice something off with your machine. If you have an air conditioner not working, do not hesitate to call an air conditioner repair service right away — and soon cold air will be back in your home!

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