The Most Common Air Conditioning Unit Problems You Might Face

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Air conditioning units have become a must-have home item for Americans, with the United States using more air conditioning than all other countries combined. As much as 84% of all U.S homes have air conditioning installed. Ensuring that your air conditioning unit runs effectively is vital to the comfort of your home and can offer some financial benefits too.

Most air conditioning companies offer maintenance options that can ensure you keep your air conditioning unit functioning properly. While some basic maintenance tasks like changing the air filter can be done without the help of technicians from AC companies, it is advised that your AC unit have professional maintenance checks at least twice a year. Filters should be changed every one to three months.

Air conditioning companies can identify any potential problems and perform preventative maintenance so that your AC continues to run smoothly. It there are any serious problems identified, most air conditioning companies can also do the required repairs. An AC unit should last up to 15 years with the right maintenance.

Some of the most common problems impacting on the running of AC units include improper operation of the unit, improper installation, leaking refrigerant and electric control failure, according to the Department of Energy. An AC unit should be run in an enclosed space, which means doors and windows should be closed to ensure maximum efficiency. Proper installation is also vital as faulty installation can result in improper refrigerant charging and other issues. Your home?s cooling efficiency can be decreased by as a much as a third if the unit is improperly installed.

If your air conditioner does not work, first check the circuit breakers and fuses, allowing the unit to cool down for at least five minutes before resetting them. The Department of Energy advises that a compressor that stops working on a hot day may be the result of the tripping of the high-pressure limit switch, which can be reset on the access panel.

Refrigerant leaks can seriously impact on the functioning of your AC unit and should be addressed by professional air conditioning companies. Adding refrigerant to a system with a leak can cause more damage than good and an air conditioning repair services technician is needed to ensure that the unit can function effectively.

Older machines tend to become less efficient and in some cases replacing a unit that is 10 years old or more can be more cost effective in the long run, saving you as much as 20% in energy costs per year. Newer models tend to be more energy efficient, using half the energy of models from the 1990s.

Using these simple tips and ensuring that your AC unit is regularly maintained by trained professionals will mean that your home will stay blissfully cool in the hottest weather conditions and costs are kept to a minimum.

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