How Home Exterior Cleaning Keeps Your Home Sound and Healthy

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You?ve heard of spring cleaning, but keeping home exteriors clean is actually a year round job. Gutters have to be cleared of fallen leaves and debris, driveways have to be sealed before winter hits with its destructive freeze and thaw cycles, and sidings and decks have to be washed to get rid of harmful mold and algae. In fact, an annual power washing can keep your home exterior both clean and safe.

Home exterior cleaning is a year round project
Keeping your home exterior clean is not just about maintaining its appearance, though that is important as well. Gutter cleaning and exterior house washing help to maintain its structural soundness and overall health. Clogged gutters can lead to basement leaks and moisture damage, and even harm the foundations.
The function of gutters is to lead water away from the house and its foundations. Clogged gutters can?t carry away water, which will just collect close to the house walls, doing long term damage. Most homeowners are aware of the problem and know that one of their fall chores will be making sure that the gutters are unclogged. But not so many people know that exterior house cleaning is just as important, for the safety of the house and its inhabitants.

Mold and algae are a health hazard
If you?ve noticed green stains on the exterior walls of your home, or other discolored patches, you may be looking at the signs of algae or mold. It?s not just unsightly, but can cause serious health problems for your family. According to the EPA, all kinds of mold can be considered a hazard for human and animal health.
Mold can be harmful to your family, and kids and pets are especially vulnerable. It can cause respiratory problems like sinus infections, asthma and even be fatal at times. Mold is also unfortunately all too common, even in new houses. In fact CNN Money reports that nearly a third or 30% of all new homes already have some kind of mold.

Pressure washing services for your home
Home exterior cleaning services can handle these problems for you. In fact, power washing and gutter cleaning are highly specialized tasks that are best left to professionals. They have the training and the skills to do the job thoroughly and safely.
High pressure home exterior cleaning equipment can be hazardous and should not be handled without the proper training. Professional pressure washers can handle most jobs easily and quickly. This is not something that homeowners should attempt on their own.

Most people are aware that gutters must be kept clear of fallen leaves and other debris. Mold and algae too pose serious problems for the safety of the house and its inhabitants. Scheduling an annual exterior power washing can help to keep your home exterior both clean and healthy.

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