Important Steps in Closing Your Pool for the Winter

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Pool maintenance and the closing season is upon us. After months of warm weather and perfect pool time, it is time to winterize and close the pool. This process needs to be carefully and professionally completed. The better that the pool is maintained and closed in the fall, the easier it will be to open in the spring. If you have not yet begun the process of closing your pool, now is the time to start that important task.

Do a final professional cleaning
Although you will drain much of the water in the pool before closing it, you will want to do a final cleaning on the liner and sides of the pool. This will prevent any bacteria or germs from growing and taking over the pool. It is not always possible to get every drop of the water out and a final cleaning can ensure that your pool is clean and sanitary. Professional pool cleaning services are experienced in closing cleanings and can handle all of your closing needs.

Remove the water and accessories from the pool
You will also want to drain your pool of all the water. This also includes removing pool accessories like the diving board and stairs. Removing these items and draining the pool before you schedule your professional pool services company for closing will make the job quicker and cheaper. You want to avoid closing your pool with the water in it. The water can grow bacteria and without regular cleanings, it can ruin the condition of your pool. Also, if you live in an area with cold weather, you could ruin your liner as the ice expands and decreases over and over again.

Handle any pool issues before closing
If there are any repairs that needed to be made during the pool year, it is important to have them completed before closing the pool. These pool issues can get worse over time and the cold weather can make them even worse. Handle any pool issues with your pool contractor ahead of time. Even if you are unaware of any pool problems, scheduling pool maintenance services inspections before closing can be beneficial. These maintenance issues can also ensure that your pool is ready for use when you decide to open it. Americans make more than 400 million visits a year to aquatic venues including pools, hot tubs, beaches, and fresh water outlets. Make sure your pool is ready for use.

Professional close, when selling your house
It is always a good idea to professional close your pool. Professional pool closing services ensure that everything is maintained and closed properly, protecting your investment. However, if you are also in the process of selling your house, or plan to sell in the future, it may be even more important to hire a professional to close your pool. In 2015, about 21.23 million people lived in a house that had a pool. This means that there is a large demand for real estate with pools. Buyers, however, will evaluate a home?s value on the condition of the pool and on how well it has been maintained, including how well it was closed and how often routine pool services were kept up. Professional pool services are the smart way to go.

Pools can be a lot of fun, especially in places with extremely hot of summers. However, in order to protect your pool and the money that you put into it, it is important to properly and professionally maintain it. As you prepare to close your pool, make sure that all repairs and maintenance are completed. Remove all pool accessories and hire a professional pool services company to close the pool.

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