Are You Already Making Plans for Next Summer’s Landscaping?

When to use drainage gravel

The temperatures are dropping and the days of yard and garden work are coming to an end in many parts of the country. And even though many are thinking about the extra time that they will now have once the mowing, weeding, and trimming has ended for the season, another group of people see the cold winter months as a time to begin planning for next years garden and flower beds. From knowing what makes gravel washed a certain color can help add appeal to front yard areas to understanding the difference between types of topsoil, many home owners simply cannot stop thinking about their gardens, flower and landscaping beds.
Whether you are thinking about the use of drainage gravel or about what makes gravel washed several times and polished can add to your space, it can be beneficial to understand all of the products that are available. Consider some of these facts and figures about dirt removal services and the use of sand, gravel, and rocks in the landscaping industry:

  • Usually between two and eight inches thick, topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil. It is usually .
  • Fertility and texture are the two basic features the are evaluated when it comes to soil.
  • Landscaping can increase a home?s resale value by as much as 14%.
  • Many gardeners and landscapers use a one-inch layer of small rocks to provide good weed control.
  • 38% of homeowners upgrading their pathways, driveways, patios, and terraces are using gravel or crushed rock, according to the 2017 Houzz Landscape Trends study.
  • Sand, loam, and clay are the three basic types of topsoil.

In addition to adding visual appeal to landscaped areas, the use of different kinds of gravel and topsoil also benefits drainage and other processes that can help control weeds and promote beautiful flowers, bushes, and other kinds of plants. Whether you are removing debris from an empty lot and planning a community garden or you are just looking for ways to add more color to your front yard flower beds, it is important to know the options you have when it comes to topsoil, gravel, and rocks.

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