The Benefits of Residential Concrete Floor Coatings


If you pay attention to local commercial floor coatings, you will notice that many of them have concrete floor coating. Concrete floor coating is a common commercial floor coating choice because it is extremely durable, long lasting, and easy to install. The same concrete floor coating can be used as a residential floor coating and offers the homeowner many benefits.

An easy to install or cover floor option

If you are on a low renovation budget or simply do not want to spend a lot of money on a new flooring option, concrete floor coating is the perfect solution. Although it is primarily used as commercial floor coatings, it can easily be applied to a residential floor. It might not be ideal for kitchen or living room use, where you care more about design, but it works great in the basement or garage spaces. Some people choose to cover their garage floors with epoxy but epoxy flooring can become brittle in as little as 12 months. Additionally, depending on the floor size and site conditions, installation and full cure of polyaspartic coatings can be completed in just one day.

A highly durable floor coating

Are you tired of the flooring in your garage and basement cracking and peeling? It seems like you have to touch up or fully replace these flooring areas every couple of years. This can get expensive and timely after many replacements. Many businesses chose concrete floor coatings northern VA because of how durable and strong it is. If this floor coating can withstand heavy machinery and busy industrial spaces, it can definitely stand up to your minor basement and garage foot traffic. You can even continue to complete projects and work on vehicles in your garage, all without damaging the floor coating.

Safe flooring option

Another reason that commercial businesses choose concrete floor coating is that it is slip resistant. While you do not necessarily have to worry about employees falling on the workspace flooring and suing you, you can work on your garage projects knowing that you are safe. The slip resistant flooring can also be useful for heavy projects. Your woodworking project won?t slip and break. You can move heavy boxes and storage totes in and out without worrying about falling down. Approximately 85% of workers? compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors. These numbers are much less with concrete flooring.

It looks nice and can increase your resale value

Because concrete flooring is so durable, it tends to hold its value much longer. When you have flooring that is cracked or peeling, even in the garage, it can significantly reduce the look of that room. With durable floor coating, your room will look nicer and more professional. This can help to increase your resale value and create greater buyer demand, especially for those looking for a house with convenient workspace areas. Concrete floor coatings come in different colors so you can even match them with your current designs and paint colors.

Many commercial businesses rely on concrete floor materials in their workrooms and industrial spaces. Concrete floor coating is strong, safe, and has a long life expectancy. Just because these floors are commonly found in industrial settings doesn?t mean that you can?t take advantage of the same benefits on your residential property. Enjoy the nice look, easy installation process, and possible increased value of the concrete floor coating.

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