Waking Up to Plumbing Problem on Christmas Day Is No Fun

Clogged drain

A clogged drain and a flooded basement made for a terrible Christmas Day.
After hosting 21 people at your house on Christmas Eve, your wife made it all of the way upstairs to go to bed. You, however, collapsed on the couch and fell asleep for the night. When you woke in the morning, you stepped onto the floor into an inch of water. Waking up a little more abruptly than you planned, you were devastated to know that the water was a problem in the whole basement.
In fact, you soon realized that basically the entire basement got wet, as high as three inches in some places. It turned out that a tripped breaker caused water to run into, and out of, the water softener all night, and the same tripped breaker caused the basement lift station to not function. Although you were supposed to be hosting another family gathering in a few days, you quickly realized that this simply would not be an option. You met with with some professional cleaners regarding the carpets, potential mold issues, other problems and found out that the clean up process is never as fast as you might think.
Turns out that insurance companies want their clients to pull back the carpets, remove and discard the pads, and first dry out the carpet. Once the carpets are dry then you have to at least attempt to clean the carpet. It is not until this point, when the professionals can say they have tried that you are able to claim a total loss and get the basement carpet completely replaced.

Merry Wet Christmas!
Clogged Drains, Tripped Breakers and Other Problems Can Lead to Really Big Messes!
Although no one want to deal with a flooded basement on Christmas morning, the fact of the matter is that when major plumbing problems happen they require the immediate help of professionals. From plumbing repairs to new plumbing installations, finding the right person for the job can help you make sure that the job is done right.

Although some emergencies cannot be avoided, many households in America have small problems that they can address. For instance, as many as 10% of homes in America have leaks that waste 90 gallons of water or more a day. Whether the problem is little or big, however, finding the right plumbing professional can help you solve any number of problems.
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