Three Good Reasons to Get a Home Spa


Should you think about looking into hot tubs? According to Pool and Spa Marketing research, there are already more than 7.3 million hot tubs in America. It may seem like a home spa is a wasteful extravagance, but there are actually some pretty good reasons to have one, and to invest in good brands like Sundance hot tubs. Consider just some of the reasons a hot tub service might be for you:

  • Health: The New England Journal of Medicine found that people with type 2 diabetes who soaked in hot water at least six days a week, for 30 minutes a day, had better plasma sugar and weight control. And if you’re working through joint and muscle issues, something like a good soak in Sundance hot tubs helps to ease pain by taking the weight off. In the water, you only weigh 10% of your actual body weight.
  • Stress Relief: One of the primary reasons people look into hot tubs and spas is the relaxation factor. In fact, 83.9% of owners say they bought the tub for that purpose. Another 45% like to take a soak right before bed to help them sleep, and nearly 15% want to do it alone, calling it valuable and relaxing “alone time.”
  • Convenience: If you’ve ever held off on flipping through that Sundance hot tubs catalogue out of fear that owning one will mean huge costs in energy or service and maintenance, it’s likely not as bad as you think. If you get a quality tub, it can last more than 20 years. And while it’s possible to heat a hot tub to a pretty high temperature, which can get expensive, actually most people find they prefer the water temperature to be a milder, and cheaper, 100 to 102 degrees F. If you get a cover, even one with a low R-value, you can still reduce heating costs by as much as 75% as opposed to leaving it open all the time. And, as with anything, keeping up with regular maintenance is going to mean savings down the line as you avoid catastrophic problems and big breaks.

Hot tubs are affordable, common, beneficial to your health, and just plain relaxing. If you’ve never thought about getting one before, now might be the time to look into Sundance hot tubs or home spas near you.


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