3 Considerations to Make Before Purchasing Curtains


While shutters protect the outside of windows, it’s important to think about the interior of these objects. Homeowners have many choices in regards to determining how to cover their interior windows. In fact, statistics from Spring 2016 found that nearly 31 million people throughout the United States stated that they lived in a home that purchased either drapes, blinds, and other types of curtains within the past year. With that in mind, here are three important concerns to think about before purchasing curtains.

  1. Amount of Natural Light Within Room

    It’s important to determine how bright rooms within your home naturally are. You’ll find that it’s important for extremely bright rooms to feature curtains that are thicker than normal. These types of curtains tend to block out natural light in a more efficient manner than other curtains. On the other hand, thinner curtains might be needed in rooms where more natural light is necessary. It’s important to consider having thicker curtains, especially when the weather cools down. In fact, statistics show that draperies are able to reduce heat loss within a room up to 10%. A valance is often preferred where a lot of natural light is needed. Valances are decorative types of curtains that only take up a small amount of vertical space.
  2. Methods for Cleaning Curtains

    At some point, you’ll find that it’s time to clean your valance and curtains. With that in mind, you’ll want to figure out how your curtains need to be cleaned. For instance, certain curtains need to be cleaned by a dry cleaner while others can be washed safely within the home. If you’re unable to have nearby access to a dry cleaning service, you’ll want to purchase curtains and valances that can be washed inside of a washing machine.
  3. Length of Curtains

    You’ll want to consider the length of your curtains when it’s time to purchases these important decorative items. Longer curtains are preferred in rooms where a dramatic look is needed while shorter curtains work well for homes with pets and little ones running around. You don’t want to have anyone tripping over curtains that are too long for a room.

To summarize, there are several concerns that you’ll want to make while choosing curtains. You’ll want to determine how much natural light you want to have inside of a room. If you want lots of natural light, stick with thinner curtains. On the other hand, thicker curtains work especially well to limit light coming in from the outside. It’s important to take note of how curtains need to be cleaned. Many people might prefer safely washing curtains within their own homes. You’ll find choosing the right length of curtains is important, especially in homes with younger children or pets. Choosing the right curtains can drastically improve the look of any room within a home.

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