4 Benefits of Having Impact Resistant Windows Installed

High impact doors

It’s incredibly important for those living the path of these storms to have what are known as impact resistant windows. That being said, you don’t have to live an area known for hurricanes to receive benefits of impact resistant windows. Many homeowners are surprised to learn at how beneficial these windows are in regards to keeping their respective homes protected. Considering that, here are four important benefits of impact resistant windows.

  1. Protection Against Severe Weather Situations

    Some of the most devastating storms that occur throughout the United States are hurricanes. In fact, statistics show that a single hurricane is able to stir up millions of miles of air while dumping nearly 2.4 trillion gallons of rain each day the storm is active. You’ll find it wise to have impact resistant windows protecting your home, especially if you live in or near areas where hurricanes are known to form. Statistics show that 158 hurricanes have hit the United States throughout the 20th century, with about 36% of these storms taking place in Florida. If you live in the state of Florida, you should strongly consider purchasing hurricane proof windows to help keep your home safe.
  2. Energy Savings Throughout Your Home

    Many homeowners find themselves slightly nervous when the time arrives to open their monthly energy bills. Windows tend to be one of the most common culprits concerning the inability of a home to stay at an optimal temperature. Considering that, you’ll find that impact resistant windows are made to be much stronger and thicker than traditional windows. Considering that, you can rest assured that you are likely to receive less expensive heating and cooling bills after having high impact glass windows installed.
  3. Guarding Against Home Intruders

    While you likely don’t want to think about it, it’s important to do everything possible to protect your home from intruders. In mere moments, these individuals can take prized possessions from a home that are nearly impossible to replace. Considering that, you’ll find that impact sliding glass doors and windows make it incredibly difficult for thieves to enter your home. Statistics show that windows and doors made with a glazing system of plus 105 to negative 140 are able to withstand hurricane winds that can travel over 100 MPH.
  4. Reducing Outside Noise

    One aspect that might be causing you to feel a bit stressed out while at home is hearing outside noises. Unfortunately, certain neighbors can become a little too loud which can cause these sounds to enter your home. Rather than confronting a noisy neighbor, you might find it wiser to have impact resistant windows installed throughout your home. In addition to the protection against burglars and storm damage, these windows will help ensure the outside is drastically reduced.

To summarize, there are a few distinct benefits of having impact resistant windows installed. You’ll find that many homeowners prefer to have these windows installed in order to have protection against hurricanes. These windows often provide homeowners with the relief of seeing less expensive heating and cooling bills. In addition, these windows work extremely well as a safeguard against home intruders. It’s common for a homeowner to seek out window manufacturers to have windows installed that drown out excess outside noise.

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