Finding the Right Kind of Paint for Your Project Is Easier If You Work with a Professional

Protecting hardwood floors

There is more to a residential and commercial painting project than just selecting a color. Understanding the different kinds of finishes that are available and realizing that there are environmentally friendly spray paint and traditional paints available means that consumers have a wealth of choices. From matte black wall paint that might be used in some very specific locations to finding the ideal paint for wooden floors, it is important to work with a professional to understand what kind of paint might work best for your current project.
One of the most important things to understand about paint is that if you are not careful you can unknowingly purchase a paint that is rated high in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Fortunately, there are a growing number of companies that offer brands with very low VOC content. It is important to avoid VOCs if possible, because they are solvents that can be released into the air as the paint dries. In some situations, VOCs can cause acute symptoms, including dizziness and headaches.
Painting Projects Are a Pretty Common Task That Many Home Owners Take On Themselves

Partly because it is so affordable, many property owners take on painting projects themselves. Even though you want to complete painting the guest bathroom or the newly finished basement yourself, however, does not mean that you have to rely on your limited knowledge and personal experience when it comes time to selecting your paint. In fact, every store that sells paints has a staff of experts on hand who can help you make sure that you are purchasing the right kind of paint.

As an example, even if you have a large overhead area to cover, you can work with a paint professional to find an environmentally friendly spray paint that will complete the job that you need and make sure that you and your family are as safe as possible in your newly painted space. Consider some of these other statistics about the kinds of paints that are available the impact that the paint industry has on the nation’s economy:

  • More than 33% of respondents indicated that they would choose a neutral color palette if redecorating their home, according to a 2017 interior design trends survey.
  • Paint color choice can have an impact on the resale value of a home. In fact, homes with blue bathrooms sold for $5,400 more than expected, according to Zillow’s 2017 Paint Colors Analysis.
  • VOC levels over 500 ppb could cause problems for people with chemical sensitivities, according to a report by CBC Marketplace.
  • Many of the VOCs will have dissipated already if your flooring is more than one year old. If, however, you are installing new flooring or painting a floor, professionals recommend that you search for an organic option and use VOC-free painting materials.
  • Paint and flooring choices can even determine the success of a commercial property. In fact, 83% of travelers indicate that they would choose an allergy-friendly room if they had the option, according to a study by the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University.
  • Unfortunately, research has shown that levels of several organics average two to five times higher indoors than outdoors. Worse yet, when these chemicals are inhaled they can contribute to several health problems.

The next time that you get ready to begin a painting project at your home make sure that you consult with a paint specialist to make sure that you are selecting the best product. Environmentally friendly spray paint is just one example of a choice that you might make if you work with a paint professional.

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