The Importance Of Choosing A Low VOC Paint

From a satin varnish to a new color for a nursery, paint and the like are important components of many a home renovation project, from painting floors to priming walls. It is important to consider a number of components, such as the color of the paint you would like as well as your budget. Safety is another important consideration, particularly if you have children (and are choosing paint safe for baby furniture).

When choosing paint or a satin varnish (or the like), it is important to choose one that is low in VOCs, also known as volatile organic compounds. These volatile organic compounds, when in high concentrations, have been shown to have a number of adverse health effects. This can be seen particularly in those that have chemical sensitivities or pronounced allergies. Even just levels of volatile organic compounds that are greater than five hundred ppb could have a considerably negative effect on such people, as well as those who are simply more susceptible to such things, such as the very young and the very old, or anyone who has a compromised immune system.

If you have children, especially small children, it is important to choose a paint low in these volatile organic compounds when painting their room. Studies have shown that if children sleep every night in a room with high concentrations of the volatile organic compounds found in the paint used on their walls (or the satin varnish used on their floors), they are at a much higher risk of developing chronic conditions like asthma. These studies have also found that other chronic and often painful conditions like rhinitis and eczema were also much more likely to be developed.

And those working within an office space that uses paint or satin varnish with high concentrations of volatile organic compounds also often feel the negative effects. During one study, office workers were placed in a room with low VOC paint. Working in that room as opposed to their normal environment, their cognitive function and test scores improved by more than one hundred percent (one hundred and one percent, to be exact).

Once you have decided on a satin varnish of paint that is low in volatile organic compounds, it is still important to decide what color you are looking for. This becomes particularly important if you are renovating your home in preparation for putting it on the housing market in hopes of selling it. In these cases, neutral tones are a safe bet, as they widely appeal to many people, of whom nearly half cited a neutral color palette as ideal for the redecoration of a home or other such dwelling. Blue bathrooms too have been found to be beneficial for selling a home as a blue bathroom, for whatever reason, has been shown to increase the overall value of a home by more than five thousand dollars.

Though many of us may not consciously think about it, the components of our home like the paint on our walls and the satin varnish on our floors is important. Not only does it set the tone and overall style of a home, it also can contribute or detract from our overall good health. It is important to avoid such potential negative health effects by choosing paint and the like (such as satin varnish for your floors) that is low in these often harmful volatile organic compounds. Just by choosing a paint low in volatile organic compounds you can improve your cognitive ability and decrease your risk of experiencing a chemical sensitivity reaction or allergy.

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