What’s The Most Popular Kitchen Addition In Today’s Home Remodeling?

House starting to feel a little out-of-sorts? You may be overdue for a remodel.

But wait! Don’t just jump into the fray quite yet. There are a lot of wonderful remodeling options to choose from, particularly since a single upgrade can yield you a lot of benefits in the long-term. Not only will renovating your bathroom or upgrading your kitchen improve your home, it’ll also boost your house’s ROI and even save you money down the road. That said…where should you get started? Laminate floors, granite countertops and durable carpet are all rather dazzling in their own ways!

Let’s take a look at some simple renovation tips to get you started.

The Kitchen Is One Of The Most Popular Places To Remodel

To remodel the bathroom or to remodel the master bedroom? That is the question. Turns out it’s one with an easy answer, as the kitchen remains one of the most popular places for homeowners to strut their stuff. Of the over 90% of homeowners choosing to upgrade their countertops during a kitchen renovation, the vast majority much prefer natural stone materials. This is a point that will be explored more further down the list, but for now? Let’s see how a renovation can bring out the very best your home has to offer.

You Can Boost Your ROI When You’re Ready To Sell

Planning on selling your home in a few years? Thinking of preparing early on to give yourself the best possible headstart once it’s time to peruse the real estate market for pricing? Take another look at laminate floors or cabinetry for your next project. Studies have shown even a minor kitchen remodel has an average ROI potential of 80% or more. This means a new faucet, a small cabinet addition or something as large as a brand new kitchen island to give your home that masterful appeal.

Cabinet Design Can Change Your Kitchen’s Look

Thinking of a new cabinet? You’re not the only one. While a new countertop is a popular choice, this is followed close behind by custom cabinetry. This addition is prime both for being a beautiful visual choice as well as a pragmatic one, giving you much more options for organizing and sprucing up with the additional space. Your cabinet can be made out of oak, decorated with flowers or kept high and out of the way to give your kitchen a more roomy feel. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your kitchen redesign!

Quartz Countertops Are Beautiful And Long-Lasting

What’s the first thing you notice when you walk into someone else’s kitchen? If you said the countertop, you’re on to something. Smooth, shiny countertops can mean the difference between a beautiful space to cook and clean and a dingy area of the home you dread visiting. Quartz has since taken the number one spot for countertop materials, surpassing even granite, and can do wonders for both boosting your ROI and adding to your kitchen’s personality. For those that like fun facts, manufacturers of quartz counters say the countertops can handle heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

There’s Nothing Quite Like A Shiny New Home Renovation

A single kitchen remodel can do wonders. New laminate floors can make cleaning a breeze and lower your need for constant maintenance, putting you in good standing when it’s time to finally pack up your bags and seek greener pastures. A beautiful new quartz countertop can boost your ROI and make your kitchen feel brand new again. You can even pick up a few do-it-yourself skills after calling a professional to help you set up! All in all, giving your kitchen a little spit and shine might just be the best idea you’ve had all year.

If your home’s feeling a little out of wack and you’re growing tired of the same old thing, see how new cabinet design or laminate floors can change your perspective.

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