Over 25% Of Your Home’s Heating And Cooling Energy Is Wasted Five Benefits Of An HVAC Repair Service

air conditioner maintenance

A lot of people may not think that AC repair is extremely important, but the truth is that it can be. If it is extremely hot outside, a lot of people will see it as a necessity to have cool air on the interior of a building. Otherwise, it can be extremely uncomfortable to be inside of that building. It can be even worse than being outside because there is no natural breeze inside. This is why, if the air conditioner is not working, it is a good idea to call an AC repair professional immediately.

There are many different services that an HVAC professional can provide. These include regular air conditioner maintenance, AC air repair, AC and heating unit repair, AC furnace service, AC not cooling troubleshooting, and more. Regardless of what your problem is with your HVAC system, an AC repair professional will likely be able to at least diagnose the issue and tell you what the best course of action would be. Sometimes, you will have to replace the unit entirely, which often happens when you have had it for a very long time. Sometimes, a quick fix will actually make everything better. It really just depends on the situation.

The weather’s sweltering, you have more free time and your home is starting to feel the brunt of it.

Why not look into local HVAC repair services and see how you could save some money on those mounting heating and cooling costs? Today’s American home is seeing quite a few changes, due in no small part to the majority of energy costs going straight to the central air conditioning system or boiler. More homeowners are wanting more out of their energy audit or are seeking out certified eco-friendly methods of supplementing their house. Figuring out your heating and cooling problems isn’t something that can be easily done on your own, either.

From saving more money each month to reducing your carbon footprint, there are a lot of benefits to be gained from giving your local HVAC companies a call.

Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bill

This is among one of the more immediate concerns you have. You just want to stop spending so much on heating and cooling. The U.S. Department Of Energy released a few estimates on today’s energy usage, summarizing that anywhere from 25% to 40% of energy usage for heating or cooling a home is wasted. That’s right. You’re losing even more money than you realize with faulty HVAC systems. This could be clogged filters, duct leakage or a system that’s just starting to show signs of age.

Create An Eco-Friendly Household

What’s another benefit you can gain from HVAC repair services? If you’ve been wanting to become a little more eco-friendly this year, now’s your chance. The Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA) has created an Energy Star Program designed specifically to help you figure out how clean your energy output is. They recently estimated that adding better insulation and properly sealing air leaks can see your monthly bills slashed by as much as 20%. A better heating and cooling system can also emit a lot less into the air, which is also good for your indoor air pollution count.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

This might come as a shock, but your indoor air quality is likely worse than your outdoor air quality. One recent estimate suggested it might be as much as three times worse. That’s because our homes accumulate a lot of nasty contaminants over the days, with very little way of being circulated out properly without the aid of good technology. Dander, dust, dirt, bacteria, chemicals and pollen are pulled into your HVAC system and circulated anywhere from five to seven times per day. This can clog your filters and, subsequently, clog your air.

Enjoy A More Comfortable Season

One of the more basic reasons you reach out to HVAC repair is just creating a more comfortable home. When you don’t have proper heating and cooling you can feel pretty miserable in the extreme seasons, particularly when these take a long time to do their job properly. Some HVAC experts have stated as much as 75% of no-heat calls in the winter to be related to a lack of maintenance, which is something you can easily avoid with regular check-ups. A common rule-of-thumb is to give your HVAC systems a maintenance inspection twice per year.

Keep Your HVAC System Long-Lasting

When you face your high utility bills and heating and cooling problems head-on, you set yourself up for future success. Proper maintenance will see you saving money every month, emitting less contaminants into your air and extending the lifespan of your system. The average HVAC system can last anywhere from 12 to 15 years, though a decade should have you looking up more modern models for replacement. You can improve indoor quality insulation by installing double-paned windows or new entry doors, as well. There’s almost no limit to how much you can save!

The weather’s only going to get hotter. See what HVAC service companies and a quick HVAC repair job can do to help you cool down.

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