The Safety Value of Fiberglass Anti Slip Step Covers

Every single year, there are a large number of workers in the United States that end up suffering some sort of workplace injury. As a result, companies across the country are now investing in advanced forms of safety equipment. This equipment includes removable non slip stair treads, removal non slip treads, safety track tape, and even some fiberglass anti slip step covers!

According to the Department of Labor, slips, trips, and falls are the second leading cause of accidental deaths behind vehicles. So as a result, it is quite easy to understand how fiberglass anti slip step covers can be so helpful in the workplace. By simply using non slip material, you can prevent dangerous falls from even happening!

Approximately 25% of all reported workplace injury claims per year are made because of falls. So if you help your workplace out by buying the right types of stair tread tape anti slip material, you are really helping things out a lot. You can potentially take away 25% of all safety concerns in your workplace by just buying this type of helpful material.

Around 12,000 workplace injuries per year are caused by slips, trips, and falls. These types of injuries can do serious damage to the construction process and overall success of a construction project. Thus, anyone that is putting workers high up on steps and ladders needs to check out getting some of the best fiberglass anti slip step covers.

More than 17% of all disabling injuries in the workplace are caused by falls. Therefore, the true value of fiberglass anti slip step covers cannot be determined. If these types of injuries are potentially the worst, then you should do everything you can to remove them from a construction site!

Slips are the foremost cause of workplace injury in people 55 years and above. Slips and falls are a part of the same family when it comes to workplace injuries. Therefore, anyone that is running a construction site is foolish to not try and remove this type of danger from the workplace.

The incidence of falls elevates every 10 years of life. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, CPSC, posits that floors and flooring materials themselves contribute directly to more than 2 million calls annually. However, this statistic is not the end all be all of this type of workplace injury. Instead, you can simply implement items like fiberglass anti slip step covers and safety strips for ramps to avoid any type of dangerous situation.

In 2016, the United States experienced 161,374 preventable deaths and 44.5 million injuries, all costing $967.9 billion. Preventable deaths and injuries will put a family into turmoil. A death can set a family back emotionally and financially and will put them in a truly rough spot. Thus, they may seek out serious litigation which will not only cause you to deal with the death of a worker but a wrongful death lawsuit as well!

The National Safety Council estimates the injuries from falls cost the United States around $70 billion every year. This type of money can do legitimate damage to a construction site and will prevent it from truly reaching its fruition and best case scenario. Use the money involved in a construction process to buy safe and helpful fiberglass anti slip step covers for people that are hard at work!

There are two types of falls: same-level and elevated. About 65% of fall injuries occur from same-level falls. As a result, it is easy to imagine how much more dangerous an elevated fall is when compared to a same-level fall. Due to the fact that an elevated fall involves a surface that is higher up, the height makes the fall so much more dangerous!

In Conclusion

A workplace injury will set back both the progress of a construction site and the life of a worker. It is important that site managers work hard to provide safety equipment like fiberglass anti slip step covers. Also, it is important for workers to understand the best safety tactics as well for their daily life on the job site!

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