4 Reasons to Replace Commercial Windows

It’s important to consider how the windows are at your workplace. Statistics show that properly maintained windows can last 20 years or longer. That being said, all windows will eventually need replacing. It’s understandable to feel confused regarding how to notice when this time comes. Learning a few tips will help ensure you’re easily able to accomplish this task. In this post, you’ll learn four common signs it’s time to consider having your commercial windows replaced.

  • Energy Bills Begin to Increase

    As a company owner, it’s important to keep a close eye on business costs. If these costs begin to rise, it could indicate a problem area within your company. With that in mind, it’s important to inspect recent commercial energy bills. If workers are dealing with drafts of outside air, they’re probably needing to use the AC or heat more often. In fact, statistics show that drafty windows allowing air to escape increases energy bills by 10 to 25%. Instead of making employees deal with constant drafts, consider replacing your windows. Commercial window replacements help ensure your energy bills remain low throughout the year.
  • It’s Difficult to Open or Close Your Windows

    There will be certain days where you feel like keeping office windows open. If you’re unable to do this easily, this is a bad sign. While you never want to think about it, these windows might be escape routes in the event of a fire. Therefore, windows that stick are dangerous hazards. This happens as windows begin to warp over time. It’s important to fix these problems before they grow out of hand.
  • Water Leaking in Between Window Panes

    Another reason to contact a window installation company is if you’re noticing window stuck between the panes. This is a sign that water is potentially making its way into your building. Unfortunately, this can become an even bigger problem if your office is located in an area where storms often occur. You might consider looking into dual paned windows. Not only are these windows thicker than single paned options, there twice as effective at retaining heat and AC.
  • Cracks Appear Near Window Edges

    In some cases, window damage is relatively easy to spot. With that in mind, consider inspecting the edge of your office’s windows. During these simple inspections look for any signs of wear. To have the most luck, consider checking your windows for signs of damage immediately after they’re cleaned.

In conclusion, there are several signs that you’re windows need to be replaced. In order to avoid the time and effort it takes for this type of work, many companies contact a window company. However, it’s important to not choose the first window installation company you find. You’ll want to ensure that this window installation company is able to complete these tasks for commercial facilities. In addition, make sure that this company has a history of satisfied customers. Reviews are great to find. If this isn’t possible, consider inquiring about testimonials from previous clients.

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