How To Stay Safe In The Event Of A Hurricane

Hurricanes can be a frightening thing, there is certainly no doubt about it. The same holds true for all natural disasters, of course, but for those living in areas that are targeted by hurricanes, knowing that a hurricane is approaching them can be an utterly terrifying thing.

And hurricane seasons is quite long lasting as well, starting at the very beginning of the month of June and lasting all the way through the end of the month of November. During that nearly six month period of time, it is important for everyone who lives in a hurricane area to prepare for any potential hurricanes as best as they possibly can.

After all, hurricanes are events of nature that should always be taken seriously, beginning as mere tropical disturbances when the temperature of the water surface reaches eighty degrees Fahrenheit and often even exceeds it but then quickly spiraling into something much more awe inspiring. It is not unusual for hurricane winds to reach up to one hundred and sixty miles per hour or even higher, and hurricanes have been known to impact areas that are as far inland as one hundred miles, showing the true reach and depth of destruction that the particularly powerful hurricane has been known to cause.

Hurricane Irma of the year of 2017, for instance, was particularly damaging, both to property and the toll that was taken in regards to human life. As much as ninety billion dollars worth of damage was sustained and in places like Barbados, ninety percent of all buildings were damaged. This left as much as sixty percent of the population homeless, with many of them still struggling to find permanent housing today.

Fortunately, however, it is very possible to protect yourself and your home from a hurricane, should one ever come your way. For instance, hurricane ready homes have become more popular than ever before. In fact, much of the new construction going up in hurricane prone areas is made up of hurricane ready homes. Hurricane ready homes are often ideal for new owners who have never owned a home before, as hurricane ready homes will need little to no updating in order to be safe to live in during any part of the hurricane season.

But what do hurricane ready homes incorporate? For one, hurricane ready homes are made using hurricane safe home construction methods and materials, such as hurricane-proof windows and glass doors. Hurricane proof glass is incredibly strong, and can withstand winds that reach truly impressive velocities, to say the least. If you live in one of the many new hurricane ready homes to include such features, you can rest easy, no matter what might be going on with the weather around you, be it is a full force hurricane or a much milder storm.

But of course, many people do not own hurricane ready homes and must instead figure out how to make updates to their currently homes. Of course, modern updates to historic homes (or really any homes at all) are more than possible, and are well worth the cost. For example, hurricane windows can cost as much as fifty five dollars per square foot, but this is far, far less than what you would need to pay to have damages repaired after a hurricane tore through your town and, unfortunately, your home.

And protecting your home from storm damage and taking the necessary steps to reinforce your home does more than just protect the integrity of your home though this is, of course, an important factor. But protecting your home from storm damage will also protect those who live inside of it as well, keeping them safe in even the worst of hurricanes. If for some reason you are not able to evacuate (and you should always try to if you are told that it is necessary), staying in a home that has been equipped with preventative measures to mitigate any potential damages is far safer than staying in a home that has not had this level of care and attention given to it.

All in all, thorough hurricane proofing is a highly important thing.


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