How to Use Trenchless Plumbing Repairs For Malfunctioning Sewer Line

In the past, doing repairs to a leaking sewage line called for extensive digging in your home compound. The trenches dug would leave your home in need of fresh landscaping at great cost. Luckily, today as a homeowner, you have the option of using trenchless plumbing technology to fix your burst sewer line with minimal trenches crisscrossing your lawn and landscape.

It is estimated that each year in America, leaking sewer systems spill up to 1.26 trillion gallons of untreated sewage on account of age. This proves that the modern burst sewerage is a real problem in the country.

How Is Trenchless Water Line Repair Done?

1.Use Of Cured In Place Liner
The plumbing company that you hire will use different techniques except digging a trench. One of them is CCIP (cured in place liner) technology to seal leaks in your burst sewerage lines without leaving ugly, damaging trenches. A flexible camera is inserted into the lines to assess the length of your system and identify the leaking spots. Insertion is usually done in the basement.

2.Cleaning Off the Sewer Line
Next, sewer line is cleared of any dirt and debris to give room for a clean trenchless pipe replacement. The pipe to receive trenchless plumbing is flushed out clean with water, and any debris remaining removed using mechanical procedures. The now empty and clean sewer line is ready for the CIPP to be applied.

3.Final Insertion
A liner material made of a resin that hardens is inserted to replace your old burst pipe from the inner side. The CCIP is applied by digging a trench at the most shallow place to access the piping. The shallow trench can be at the basement or another place outside the home. This ensures minimal shallow digging with nominal damage to your landscaping. Once the liner material hardens up, it stops all leaks in your burst pipes without affecting your landscaping or lawn. The sewer line repairs can be completed in a single day.

After the resin has cured, the repair is inspected again for leaks by inserting the flexible camera once more. If there are no more damages, your system is good to function normally.
Trenchless plumbing repair gives you the benefits of permanently fixing burst sewage lines quickly while preserving your beautiful outdoor landscaping. Not forgetting the temporary interruption of service.


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