Considering Installing Backyard Pools? Keep These 4 Tips in Mind During the Design Process

Custom pools are a wonderful way to add value to your home and increase your family’s enjoyment of the yard. However, with so many pool designs and options available, finding the perfect fit for your yard and preferences can be tough. It’s important to do a bit of research before meeting with your pool contractor to create the final design. Here are a few tips to help you create a beautiful one-of-a-kind pool that you’ll love for many years to come.

Consider Who Will be Using the Pool Most

Backyard pools can have everything from waterslides to designated lap areas for those who want to use the pool for exercise. Knowing how the pool will be used and who will be using it most lets you decide which amenities and design elements need to be added. A lap pool requires far less sculpting than custom pools with lounge areas and waterfalls. Regardless your contractor will be able to bring your vision to life.

Think About Pool Maintenance Requirements

Believe it or not, some pools require more maintenance than others. This is largely dependent on size, the features included, and the type of pool you install. For example, pools with multiple tiers may be ideal for lounging on a warm afternoon, but they’re more difficult to clean. They typically need to be done by hand as pool vacuums cannot go from one level to another. If you’re looking for an easy-to-clean design, discuss this with your contractor prior to committing to the installation.

Pay Attention to Safety

Even a small pool can be a major safety hazard for small children and keeping them safe is always a priority. However, the fencing and netting takes up additional space that needs to be factored in during the design process. If kids will be using the pool, you’ll want to install a four-sided isolation fence around the perimeter of the pool. The fencing should be at least five feet tall, have self-closing and latching gates, and prevent kids from getting in the pool without adult supervision. Make sure that the location you have in mind can accommodate the safety equipment without impacting your landscaping too much.

Be Creative

Pools are no longer just water-filled holes in the ground. They’re works of art that add value to your property and complement your landscaping. Don’t be afraid to get a bit creative with your design ideas. Make use of natural stone around the pool, incorporate shade elements to protect you from the sun, and add a bit of fun with a twisting waterslide. You can even turn the pool into the perfect night-time hangout spot with a high-powered pool heater and some multi-colored LED lights underwater. The only limit is your imagination.

Installing custom pools is the perfect way to get more enjoyment out of you backyard while also increasing your property value almost immediately. Schedule a custom pool design consultation with your pool contractor as soon as possible to get started. They’ll work with you to bring your thoughts and ideas to life while staying within your budget.

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