I’m Moving To A New Place Should I Hire Professional Movers To Help Me Out?

Is the road calling to you again? It’s time to call some movers and make this trip more successful than the last one.

Some people lose valuable belongings moving from one place to another. Others have a seamless transition through sheer experience. Instead of leaving your journey to chance, reach out to experienced long distance movers that are familiar with the entire process. This includes packing up all your things and labeling them properly, adhering to a tight schedule, and providing you the peace-of-mind you deserve. What should you know about moving around the United States today?

Check out these five quick facts on long distance moving and what you should expect from your local movers.

Moving Trends In America

Americans are always on the go. The moving industry is worth an impressive $85 billion, a testament to how mobile the country is at any given moment. The average mover, according to recent studies, is part of a couple between the ages of 18 to 35. The average mover also has one or two kids. No matter the reasons why you’re looking for a new place to call your own, there are plenty of useful resources to help you out. Let’s take another look at the country at large and what to expect over the next few decades.

Common Reasons For Moving

Why do people pack their bags and hit the road? According to recent studies the number one reason for moving was wanting a better home or apartment, at 20%. Another common reason is moving for educational or work-related reasons. Some states are enjoying a steady trickle of new people, while others are actively looking for ways to invite visitors. Vermont remains the eighth most popular state people are moving to, with Idaho sitting pretty at the top and Illinois the state most people are leaving. California, Florida, and Texas are also rather popular.

Budgeting Your Move

The key to a successful move is managing your budget. This means refusing to cut corners, but always seeking out a good deal to reduce the stress on your plate. A general rule-of-thumb suggests you add an extra 25% more moving materials than you think you’ll be needing. You should also consider which items need to be protected on the way to your new stomping grounds. Think about how much more you’ll be spending replacing broken plates or damaged furniture.

General Pitfalls To Avoid

Make sure you don’t fall into these pitfalls when moving to a new place. As stated above, it’s essential to properly package your things and label them so nothing gets lost or damaged. This is a lot of extra work, but you’ll be thankful for it when you arrive at your destination. Always hire legitimate moving companies with a strong reputation, too. Anything less and you could be putting both your belongings and your security at risk.

Choosing Local Moving Companies

Movers can fill in the gap and give you some peace-of-mind. Living somewhere new means adjusting to a new neighborhood, making new acquaintances, and figuring out a new routine. The least that can be done is ensuring all your things arrive on time and in great shape. The yearly percent of Americans who move has been steady at 10%, unlikely to change as more families and couples seek out greener pastures. Meet with local movers and ask them about their moving rates this week.

A smooth journey is a prepared journey. There are plenty of professionals ready and waiting to help.

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