Anyone Can Be The Victim Of A Power Outage The Difference Standby Home Generators Make

Your power could go out at any moment. Are you prepared for what’s to come?

There’s no shame in admitting the answer’s no. A lot of homeowners today are just getting around to the benefits of having emergency generators installed in their homes. When a storm can lay to waste your foundation and cut off your power supply, a little back-up can truly mean the difference between an easy night and a disaster. You can also save a lot of money on lost food and potential injuries. In fact, make 2019 the year you start considering a little beyond the now.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to gain when you plan ahead.

The Power Goes Out More Often Than You Think

You might think your home is safe from a power outage. This might not be the case. The first six months of 2014 reported over 130 grid outages alone — according to federal data the American electric grid loses power nearly 300% more often than three decades ago, when this data collection first began. Power outages cost American businesses as much as $150 billion per year, DOE has reported, and homeowners are also feeling the hurt. Lost money, lost time…generator installation Destin resources are the very definition of thinking ahead.

You Can Lose Food And Expose Yourself To Illness

When you lose power it’s not just the lights that go out. Your fridge will bear the brunt of lost power and affect the quality of your food. Professionals recommend that, if the power is out for less than four hours, the food in your refrigerator and freezer should be safe. Even then, it’s best to use a thermometer to check the temperature before you cook or eat it. Anything with less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit should be thrown out to prevent food-borne illness.

Electronics Can Lose Their Data And Set You Back

It’s not just the fridge you should be worried about. Any electronics, such as your home computer or any downloads in progress, can be affected when everything goes dark. Emergency generator installation requirements take a little time to learn, but you’ll be glad for it during the unexpected. It’s important to take into consideration that many electrical devices during startup need more current. The peak power rating on your generator should be higher than your calculated need.

Energy Bills Are Only Getting Higher From Here

Learning about your emergency generator installation requirements can potentially save you money on your energy bills. You likely already know about these astronomically high figures and how much they impact your day-to-day life. The average American home today spends nearly 3% of their income on energy bills alone. That’s almost $2,000 a year, without tallying in additional issues like power outages, faulty grids, and very large households. Whole home generator pricing is how you push back against a setback and all the ways it can interfere with your usual week.

An Emergency Generator Installation Will Save Time And Money

Standby generators are your light out of the tunnel. When a bad storm or a faulty line ruins your night, you can lean on your emergency generator installation requirements with the flick of a button. The size of the generator needed should be the total of rated watts of your appliances and fixtures, particularly the ones you want operating during the outage. Some loads are easy to determine, such as the 100-watt light bulb, and tallying it up is some basic math that will pay off when it counts most. Again, keep your electronics in mind when investing in whole home generator pricing.

Emergency generator installation requirements are how you stay afloat during hard times. Don’t let an outage catch you off-guard.

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