A Maintained Home Is A Happy Home

Owning a home, living or as a landlord, comes with a lot of worries. Keeping your furnace clean or choosing efficient ways of heating and cooling your home, like a mini split ac or an air conditioner. Do not rip out too much of your hair! Though it is good to know and understand various pitfalls heating and cooling your home and what you can do to keep your energy bill from being another worried bill.

One option, among a few, is a mini split ac system. A mini split ac gives you the power, when installed in all rooms of your choice, to control the individual temperatures both heating and cooling. These are great for small spaces since they can be installed in convenient places rather than having a bulky ac unit getting in the way.

Right now, without your notice, your home might be using water not from normal use, but by leaking pipes. Plumbing Manufacturers International have stated that as much as 13.7 percent of your water is being wasted by leaking pipes. This equates to a trillion gallons of water wasted every single year; in dollars, that amount of wasted water equals out to $6 billion. These leaks come can come from running toilets to leaking faucets. Be sure to tighten the knobs of your sink after use; that drop you hear is money going down the drain.

Old water heaters can take a toll on your energy bill. In fact, upwards of 30 percent of your energy use can come from an old water heater alone. Consider, too, that heating water typically covers 30 percent of your energy use as well. Without a properly maintained heater, even worse when it has aged, that old water heater will start to act like a cancer on your bill. However, all is not lost. If your daily hot water use is 41 gallons and below, you should consider investing in a tank-less water heater. The hot water they pump through your pipes is done so at the rate of about two to five gallons a minute. You will see an expected 24 to 34 percent increase in energy efficiency and with proper maintenance, you’ll see that tank-less water heater for an upwards of 20 years or more. A tank-less water heater could be the ticket you were looking for in the realm of efficient HVAC systems.

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