From Family Retreats To Custom Homes Why The Diamond State Is Seeing A Surge In New Homeowners

There’s no perfect place to live. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to location, weather, and amenities. That said, there are places that can give you a little bit of everything in one convenient spot.

Southern Delaware has been enjoying some extra attention lately. You have more homeowners looking for a place to retire comfortably, torn between staying in their hometown or finding someplace new. You have new couples leaning toward a comfortable, beautiful community to raise their children. An all inclusive community is just what brings all these different lifestyles together. Why spend all your hard-earned time and money on a location that won’t give back?

The best amenities in Southern Delaware are more than up for the task. What could a new custom home in the Diamond State do for your life?

The Growing Appeal Of Beach Property For Homeowners

Sometimes you just need a break from the same old, same old. The best amenities in Southern Delaware can provide you just the ticket to have you feeling refreshed every time you get out of bed. A 2017 study found 35% of vacation buyers purchasing property in a beach area. These are prime locations to enjoy long weekends or family gatherings at your leisure, with all the best amenities you can expect. Over 40% of vacation home buyers prefer to keep their beach property as a family retreat.

Delaware’s Consistently High Quality Of Living

It’s not just the best amenities in Southern Delaware to look forward to when you
move, but the state’s structure in general. Delaware waterways currently rank number two in the nation for its water quality, which is nothing to say of the natural beauty you can find everywhere you turn. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s 2018 County Health Rankings placed Sussex County as the number one location for overall health. This is great news if you plan on raising children in the area or want to live out your golden years peacefully. Is it any wonder so many home builders are doing so well?

The Most Tax Friendly State You’ll Ever Stay In

On top of a high standard of living and a beautiful environment you can also enjoy low tax rates. For starters, Delaware has no sales tax — it also has relatively low income tax rates compared to the rest of the country, as low as 2% to 5% in most areas. Combine this with the lowest real estate tax rates and your new construction home is already off to a good start. Last, but not least, you have absolutely no vehicle taxes to speak of. How’s that for some extra incentive?

Best Amenities In Southern Delaware

Home builders have a lot to appreciate in the Diamond State. The low tax rates are an already appealing prospect for new homeowners and retirees alike, but the benefits don’t end there. The best amenities in Southern Delaware also boast enviable communities filled with all sorts of resources for you to enjoy. Yoga is a particularly popular hobby among several demographics — its health benefits range from reduced stress rates to lowered chronic pain, among others. It’s estimated over 70% of yoga practitioners are women.

Enjoying Refined Living Within Sussex County

New construction Delaware homes are on the rise. More Americans today are tired of having to sacrifice one thing to gain another when choosing somewhere to live. With an all inclusive community in Delaware you can finally achieve the full package. Delaware is home to over 25 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, prime for families searching for that perfect vacation spot. With no sales tax and low real estate rates, new families and couples can enjoy plenty of amenities in their day-to-day life.

Don’t settle for less. Enjoy the best Delaware has to offer with your very own custom home.

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