When to Update the Siding On Your Home

Houses vary in size and shape, but they all have walls, and the outside of those walls have siding on them. Different materials have been used across the decades to make house siding, and replacing siding is a form out maintenance that a homeowner may have to keep track of. The siding on a person’s house is a lot of work to completely tear off and replace, so siding installation companies may be hired in one’s local area to handle replacing siding like this. A similar job as replacing siding is roofing installation, another sort of exterior work for a home. A roofing company may be hired for that, but homeowners should note that replacing siding and fixing the roof may or may not be done by the same company. Some companies can do both, but in other cases, a homeowner may contact one contractor crew for replacing siding and a different one for roofing. So, what is there to know about replacing siding or the roof?

Fine Sides for the Home

Every modern house needs siding on it, and there are some options that a homeowner may pursue. A buyer on the real estate market will have a lot of factors to juggle when looking for their dream home, and the siding may be included. Newer houses will have quality siding already in place, while much older homes may have worn out siding that should be replaced. And after many years living in a house, the owner may find that their siding is all worn out, and new siding must be installed. What might it look like?

In decades past, ruffled metal siding was popular, but this siding material has fallen out of favor since it dents easily. Rather, brick and cedar are popular options that homeowners may pursue. Bricks may be used as siding, and brick siding is tough and may be attractive to many homeowners. This is among the most expensive types of siding, though, and some homeowners may not want it. Another option, meanwhile, is using wood siding such as cedar. This hardwood has proven popular among many American homeowners, and it doesn’t take undue maintenance to keep in shape. After all, wood is a staple of construction, and lumber, overall, makes up 40% of all building materials in the United States today. Cedar takes some professional maintenance, but any worthwhile home will have upkeep needs. Cedar siding, after it’s installed, may have a new coat of paint, sealer, or stain added to it every three to seven years to keep it in good shape.

Some home buyers may purchase a very old house, and these are sometimes known as “fixer-uppers.” Homes like these are inexpensive to buy, but some updating may be needed for heir hardware. This includes the siding, which may be damaged or unattractive as of when the buyer bought it. Old siding may not only unsightly, but it may soon fall apart and it may compromise the home’s insulation. So, the buyer of a fixer-upper house may contact local siding companies and ask them to tear off the old siding and apply new siding. The materials used may vary, but cedar is a solid option outside of climates that damage it (very dry climates may harm it). New cedar siding may be very attractive and last a long time, and the homeowner will only need maintenance once every few years, as mention above. Well-maintained wood siding such as cedar can be a fine investment to refresh an old house.


An old house may need some exterior work on the roof, too. A very old roof may have poor insulation, which hampers the climate control inside the house in summer and winter. Old roofs may also have missing tiles and leak, and water damage may expensive. The owners of an old house may opt to have the entire roof removed and replaced with a newer one, which may be more money-efficient in the long run. New roofs might be shingle tile like the old one, or they may be metal roofs. Metal roof contractors can install a price-friendly, wind-resistant, durable roof that lasts many decades and is not prone to leaking. An old house might do well with a metal roof in place.

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