Considering The Benefits Of Using Bamboo Flooring

If you’re looking to get new floors, consider bamboo flooring options. Bamboo flooring is ideal for many different reasons, something that this article will begin to address. For many people, the many types of bamboo flooring have even provided a very viable alternative to other types of flooring such as hardwood flooring. From the bamboo flooring cost to the sustainability of bamboo flooring as well, there are many reasons that more and more people are deciding to use bamboo flooring as an alternative to all other types of flooring.

For one thing, the cost of bamboo flooring is ideal. The cost of bamboo flooring to be quite low, especially when you directly compare the cost of bamboo flooring to hardwood flooring cost. Hardwood flooring has long been popular all throughout the country of the United States and even far beyond it, but there is also no denying that hardwood flooring is really quite expensive indeed. With hardwood flooring costs the way that they are today, many people simply cannot afford it. The cost of bamboo flooring, on the other hand, is quite a bit lower, making it ideal for this reason as well as for any number of others.

Aside from bamboo flooring cost, bamboo flooring is also much better for the environment in comparison, yet again, for hardwood flooring. No matter what type of bamboo flooring you might be talking about, this holds true. After all, the growth periods for bamboo itself are certainly not long at all. As a matter of fact, the average bamboo plant can go from being planted to being fully grown and matured in as little as three years – and in typically no more than five years at the very most. For many people, the benefit of this is clear.

And it’s quite starkly different from hardwood trees, which are, by nature, quite a bit less sustainable indeed. After all, hardwood trees take a minimum of 20 years of growth before reaching maturity. In some cases, they can actually even take up to 60 years of growth before being considered mature. Therefore, the rates at which we are cutting down these trees are far from sustainable, to say the very least. In fact, such practices are anything but, contributing to deforesting all throughout the world and thus negatively impacting our environment in quite a major way.

Fortunately, the quality of bamboo flooring is quite high as well, meaning that the reasonable bamboo flooring cost is even more so. For one thing, typical bamboo floors will be even harder than your basic hardwood flooring – up to three times harder than oak flooring alone. Looking at the Janka score of these bamboo flooring options just proves this even more, as they all have Janka scores that quite easily fall between 3,000 and 4,000, something that is truly quite hugely impressive indeed, there is certainly no doubt about it in the slightest.

And premium bamboo flooring stands the test of time, making that cost of bamboo flooring all the more ideal and acceptable the more that we look into such matters. Not only is bamboo a hugely eco-friendly material, but it is one that will hold up in your home, likely even for the entirety of the time that you live there. This is not only just due to the hardness of the floors to begin with, but to the ability to refinish these floors as well. After all, the data that has been gathered on the subject actually quite clearly shows that bamboo floors that are engineered bamboo flooring can actually be refinished not just once but twice. And strand woven bamboo floors are actually even longer lasting than that, as they are able to be refinished as many as four times and no fewer than two times (though this is certainly something that will vary from home to home depending on the overall care and keeping of the floors in question).

At the end of the day, there is certainly no denying that natural bamboo flooring presents a valid option for sustainable flooring in homes found all throughout the country. The quality of bamboo floors are also high, which is another key selling point.

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