Hiring Cleaning Services For Carpets and Counters

No one likes a dirty office or a dirty house, but some people may not realize how many mental and health benefits are tied into how clean or dirty carpets are. In fact, studies have been done in the United States, Sweden, and elsewhere to confirm that dirty carpets and air can have a negative impact on someone’s health, such as aggravating allergies or causing new allergies to form. Dirty carpets, counters, drapes, and air conditioners can make a room or office unpleasant to live or work in, so professional, commercial cleaning services and carpet cleaning services may be called upon to keep any house or office looking its best. Many busy homeowners and office managers alike regularly contact these commercial cleaners to scrub their buildings’ hard and soft surfaces alike. What sort of filth might build up inside a building if there are not commercial cleaners or maid services to take care of this?

The Hazards of Dirt

There are a number of reasons to avoid having dirty carpets or air conditioners or door handles in a building. One is a bad impression. A homeowner’s guests might not be so impressed if the house has smelly or stale air, or if there are visible stains or crumbs in the carpet. A dirty air conditioners might also aggravate lung issues, something that guests will not appreciate. This is an even bigger issue for commercial buildings that regularly get guests, such as banks, libraries, and more. If these buildings have a messy, dirty, or smelly interior, guests will get a terrible impression and may not come back again. Even business partners and clients who visit might have some unfavorable comments to make on the building’s interior.

Many studies have also confirmed that a dirty house or commercial building will cause some health hazards. For example, the common cold or flu may spread fast in an office whose counters, door handles, and other surfaces are not regularly cleaned off by maids or other professionals. All of these sick days add up to a lot of lost productivity, and no manager would want that. And that’s not even counting dirty carpets and air conditioners, which can cause further issues. Dirty air conditioners tend to spread pollen, dust particles, bacteria, and more over and over as they cycle air, and dirty carpet emit VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. These airborne particles and bacteria might not only aggravate existing allergies or asthma, but studies show that kids with allergies might develop new ones if they are constantly exposed to such particles. Meanwhile, other studies show that if office workers spend a week in a building with very clean air, their cognitive functions improve as much as 101%. In those experiments, VOCs, dust, and more airborne filth was filtered out of the air, and concentrations were very low. Put simply, airborne filth can harm a person’s cognitive function, and a manager would not like that.

Cleaning the House or Office

The good news is that any house or office may have regular cleaning services visit to scrub anything and everything clean. A homeowner, for example, may have a busy schedule and be unable to clean the house themselves, so they may hire a maid service to visit regularly. Such maids may use vegan cleaning solutions to wipe down kitchen counters, sinks and toilets, door handles, and even windows. They may also vacuum the carpets and also use deep cleaners to thoroughly remove all deeply ingrained dirt that may emit VOCs over time. Most Americans fail to deep clean their carpets as often as they should, but maids can handle this once they are hired. Many Americans are concerned about how clean their home is, and may be upset and stressed by constant dirt (this is particularly true for women). Some Americans even believe that their carpets are dirtier than their toilet seats are.

Public buildings such as offices, banks, schools, libraries, hotels, and more may also call upon maid services to take care of dirty carpets or door handles and stairway rails, and HVAC repair services may be asked to clean out the air ducts. This may improve air quality and prevent asthma attacks and the constant spread of illnesses in any public building.

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