How to Deal with a Squirrel Infestation

Nobody wants to hear the sound of something scurrying through their attic. However, it’s something that happens often during the colder months of the year. Squirrels and other little critters from outside want to head in where it’s warm, so they look for ways into your home. Sometimes these are cracks in the foundation or holes in your roofing.

However they get in, once they are there then you have a squirrel infestation to deal with. This probably seems like a stressful thing and you might be unsure how to handle it. The good news is that there are things you can do yourself while you wait for a professional to come handle the squirrel removal, although it is usually best to leave things to someone who is trained to handle these situations.

Humane Traps

One of the first things you can do to start squirrel control in your home is to lay out humane traps. One great option is a one-way door cage, which is a good choice for the live removal of squirrels. These capture the squirrel and let them out of the house without allowing them access back in. This is a good temporary fix while you are waiting on professional help.

Search for Entry Points

It is also wise to search your home for entry points. Figuring out where the squirrels are getting in is a good way to stop more from entering. You can block off these spaces to keep the infestation from getting worse, although it is likely that squirrels can create other entrances if proper precautions are not taken.

Call a Professional

Even if you start taking measures into your own hands, it’s a wise choice to call a professional to deal with a squirrel infestation. They are trained to handle all parts of humane squirrel removal and can help to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again. You can find a company to help you with the infestation by searching for pest control companies in your area. You can read reviews to see if they’re a reputable company and make calls to find a place that fits your budget.

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