Should You Remodel The Bathroom Or Kitchen? Get It All Done In One Go With Whole Home Remodeling

You’re thinking of remodeling the bathroom…but you’re also thinking of sprucing up your cramped kitchen. Let’s not even get started on all the other things on your to-do list you haven’t gotten around to.

Whole home remodeling contractors have you covered. Instead of picking and choosing your way through several projects — several projects that will have to go through several off-days in your busy schedule, no less — consider the alternative. First floor renovation is a very popular choice for time-strapped homeowners today, particularly those that have fallen behind on their responsibilities. Whole home remodeling contractors can walk you through your home and fix it up piece-by-piece. Better yet, you can gain even more benefits by doing it all in one go.

From a higher ROI to saving time, there’s no end to the benefits you’ll gain from committing to a whole home remodeling project.

Before we dive into the big, wide (metaphorical) pool of home renovation, let’s see what other homeowners are doing. According to a recent industry survey on the matter, a little over one-third of all remodeling jobs improve the whole home. While there’s nothing wrong with focusing on one area or another, sometimes it helps to just get it all over with. It can even change the way you look at your lifestyle! According to a Houzz survey, one-third of today’s homeowners state they actively changed to healthier living habits after a contracting job.

What parts of the home remain the most popular, both for those considering a whole home job and those just wanting a single space touch-up? It’s a neck-to-neck tie between the bathroom and the kitchen. According to a Houzz survey, 60% of homeowners are actively planning on remodeling their master bathroom. That said, kitchen remodels follow very close behind. Homeowners have remodeled more than 10 million kitchens and 15 million bathrooms over the past few years…with no end in sight!

The only places more popular to fix up than the kitchen and the bathroom would have to be the basement. Just think about the last time you dealt with a flooded basement or knew someone who did. It’s not surprising this is often at the very top of people’s to-do list! According to a study by Home Advisor, your average basement remodel can have a pretty 70% ROI if it’s done right. That means analyzing your crawlspace, checking for any leaks, and adding all sorts of furniture to transform it into a relaxation space.

Whole home remodeling contractors have their work cut out for them lately. There are quite a few homeowners out there that just want to get the whole thing over and done with so they can return to business as usual. If you’ve been waving back and forth on what to do, consider talking with remodeling designers about your home. They can walk you through the process of fixing up the first floor, from your old bathroom to your less-than-stellar kitchen. Even a minor kitchen remodel can give you an ROI of 80% or more.

Consider replacing the old, cracked tiles on your kitchen counter and pairing that with a kitchen island. Install a new cupboard in your bathroom alongside a new bathtub handle for accessibility. There’s really no end to what your whole home remodeling contractors can do for your house. First floor renovations are popular because they can change up the feel of your home without quite going overboard. You can always save your roofing and backyard for later…just don’t wait too long!

Bathroom or kitchen? Living room or hallway? Talk to whole home remodeling contractors so you don’t have to choose between your benefits!

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