Home Landscaping with a Deck and Outdoor Kitchen

Landscaping is the act of modifying terrain to make it more attractive and/or useful, and this can be done both in a large scale, such as for a public park or a college campus’s grounds, or a smaller scale, such as a homeowner’s backyard. When a backyard needs to be remodeled, a homeowner may look up local, specialized contractors in their area and find their websites with an online search. A query such as “outdoor kitchen builders San Diego CA” or “outdoor kitchen contractors in Newark NJ” may be a fine way to find such contractors, and the homeowner may also use their ZIP code to further refine the search. Outdoor living renovations and improvements may include building or repairing a wooden deck, and outdoor kitchens may have plumbers, electricians, and more on the job to repair or install. An outdoor kitchen builder team can transform a simple wooden deck into a proper kitchen, ready to serve. When is it time to hire a outdoor kitchen builder team, and why?

The Business of Home Remodeling

It may be noted that not only is home remodeling a great investment because of the attractive new features being added, but the property will appeal to future homeowners, too. Someone who renovates their house or landscapes the yards may ask for a better price on that property when they sell it, and may sell it faster than if no remodeling had been done. This allows home remodeling, including the work of outdoor kitchen builders, to offer a high ROI (return on investment). Altogether, this is a large market, and it’s growing, too. In the United States, the home improvement industry is growing even faster than the global average growth rate, at 7% per year over the next five years. Every year, over 10 million kitchens and even more master bathrooms are remodeled, and landscaping proves popular too. This adds up fast, and in 2018, the American market for home remodeling reached $30 billion in value (and it may even higher still in 2020).

Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Interior remodeling and landscaping are related but distinct fields. What if a homeowner wants their wooden deck to become a kitchen and picnic area? Installing outdoor benches, tables, and chairs is possible to do alone for a homeowner, but installing an entire functioning outdoor cooking space calls for the help of outdoor kitchen builders. An interested homeowner may get references at their local hardware store and find these contractors online as well with a well-worded online search. These outdoor kitchen builder contractors will typically have their own websites, where videos, articles, and photos will showcase their work and guests may find contact information. The homeowner may choose from a few local companies and find a team to hire.

Installing an outdoor kitchen takes work, but these outdoor kitchen builders can handle it. Plumbers, electricians, and more will be on the job to set up a sink, counters and cabinets, a fridge and freezer, a stove, and anything else that might be found in an indoor kitchen. The main difference is that an outdoor kitchen is exposed to the elements, so many of its surfaces will be build to endure constant exposure. Other items or surfaces may be covered when not in use, and in particular, cooking utensils can be stored in seal-able plastic containers to protect them from rust. Wooden and metal surfaces may be treated to handle drastic changes in temperature, rainfall, and sun exposure. Gas lines, electrical cables, water pipes, and more will keep this outdoor kitchen fully functional.

A finished outdoor kitchen is a great place to cook for an outdoor meal or party, and the dining table might be right next to it on a wooden deck. For added comfort and convenience, the homeowner should have plenty of lighting rigs set up to keep everything illuminated during the evening. Not only that, but mesh nets and screens can and should be set up so that flying insects like mosquitoes, flies, hornets, and wasps are kept away from the food and the people and pets found on the wooden deck. Such nets should be inspected and repaired regularly to determine if they have holes and rips.

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