Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Done Right

Many homeowners choose to have their homes remodeled to some extent, and this can prove to be a fine investment. There are tens of millions of homes owned in the United States today, and that also makes for a large industry of home remodeling. In some cases, home remodeling can be done on a more modest scale, when a homeowner gets the right tools and supplies to replace or enhance some features found in their house. The kitchen and bathroom are popular places for remodeling work, and in the kitchen, the rack for spices seasonings and herbs may be repainted or refinished, or a brand-new rack for those spices seasonings and herbs may be installed overall. A homeowner may get all sorts of ideas for cabinet locks, canister lights, bath hardware, spices seasonings and herbs racks, attractive wood stains, and more through online source and catalogs. Home improvement is a broad field that many Americans take a great interest in, meaning that plenty of interior decor ideas are being shared every day. This ranges from the spices seasonings and herbs racks to cabinet finishes to sink handles. And for bigger jobs, entire remodeling contractor teams can be hired.

The Industry

Lots of homeowners also means plenty of work for hardware stores who sell home goods and remodeling companies who can remake rooms or the entire house for clients. The kitchen and bathroom are particularly popular for remodeling jobs, and every year, some 102. million kitchens are remade and around 14.2 million bathrooms are remade, too. Where kitchen remodeling is concerned, cabinet work accounts for nearly 40-50% of the total cost, on average. And in around 35% of home remodeling cases, a homeowner may have their entire house’s interior remodeled to have a consistent visual theme and keep all hardware modern. This often proves to be an excellent investment, since a remodeled house may be sold for a good price when the property is remodeled. A remodeled house may be sold sooner and for a better price than if no remodeling had been done, which is why rooms like the kitchen and bathroom offer an ROI (return of investment) around 70-80% when remodeled. Something similar may be said about landscaping the front and back yards, too.

Currently, it is mainly homeowners aged 55 and over who spend the most on home remodeling, since they don’t move as often as younger homeowners and would rather invest in their current property instead. That, and they’ve had more time to save up for such a project. But young or old, a homeowner may launch either a small DIY remodeling project or hire contractors for a bigger project.

Launching the Project

Smaller projects can be done DIY for skilled homeowners, and these homeowners may visit online catalogs or social media such as Pinterest and others to get ideas. When the homeowner has settled on a design, they can visit local hardware stores and pick up the right tools, materials, and more for the job. This may range from paint and wood stain or varnish to drawer slides and handles, wood refinishing materials, and more. A homeowner may repaint their walls, replace a lighting fixture, swap out drawer handles, install child-proof locks on drawers with dangerous contents, and even refinish wood if they so choose. This can help refresh a room and add more features. A drawer filled with knives, for example, may have a lock put on it when a child enters the family.

Bigger, total-room jobs call for hiring remodeling contractors who have the skills to replace or update nearly anything. Plumbers can replace sinks, toilets, and bathtubs, and floor experts may remove ugly old floor tiles or linoleum and replace it all with more attractive and modern flooring. In the kitchen, the stove or dishwasher may be replaced with newer models, and the counter can be removed and swapped out for a marble or granite model. Experts may also repaint the walls and replace lighting fixtures in any room if the homeowner is unwilling or unable to. Better yet, low-flow plumbing such as sinks, toilets, and showers save on water over time, lowering the water bill. This allows some remodeling work to pay for itself.

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