Launching a Home Remodeling Project

Updated 7/24/23

It’s time to give your home a brand-new look with the help of home renovations services. Your dream house is now something you can achieve with the help of house to home renovations professionals who can tackle any challenge and do the work for you. Forget designing, planning, and building, and let the pros handle the heavy lifting.

If you learned how to repair a house in the past and you remodeled the setting of a room perhaps you might know that is a time-consuming task. Instead of wasting your limited time working on your home, take a break and hire contractors to remodel those complicated rooms on your property. If you can’t find a reliable home remodel service in your city, search online for “laundry room remodel contractors near me” and hire professionals with good reviews and affordable rates. Get the best for your project and remodel your home in time.

A home renovation project needs quality personnel and planning. Don’t take the first step without analyzing your budget and scheduling your time. Contact us for more information about home remodeling and renovation projects.

Homeowners enjoy a particular advantage over those who rent their living spaces: they can remodel their rooms, meaning that they can swap out old hardware for new parts and make a room look like new. Such projects may be done on a small scale, and even done DIY. This includes putting in new small drawer slides, or canister lights, cabinet lighting, and even cabinet lock to keep children away from knives or lighters in a kitchen cabinet. Cabinet locks are just one such feature; new small drawer slides may be put in if the current sliders have trouble moving smoothly, and such small drawer slides may be found at local hardware stores. Related hardware such as drawer or cabinet handles, lighting fixtures, wall paint, and more may also be found, and all of these are DIY friendly in a kitchen or bathroom. Meanwhile, a larger project may call for professional contractor and remodel teams who can use their varied skills to transform a room. New small drawer slides are just the start.

American Remodeling Today

This is a large industry, which may not come as a surprise, seeing how many American homeowners there are. What’s more, a house is an enormous investment and a homeowner spends a lot of time there, so naturally they want the best possible interior for that house. This may involve remodeling rooms such as the kitchen and master bathroom in particular, which are popular targets for home remodeling work. And in 35% of home remodeling jobs, the entire house is being remodeled at once, to make a consistent visual theme and keep all hardware modern. This is often a smart investment, not only because the end results are pleasant but the house will be appealing to buyers. A remodeled house may sell faster and for a better price than if it weren’t remodeled at all, and this is hwy rooms such as the kitchen and master bathroom may yield a ROI as high as 70-80% when remodeled. Something similar may be said about landscaping the front and back lawns or replacing the house’s siding or roof tiles with newer materials.

Who are the customers for such remodeling jobs? Mainly, it is older homeowners aged 55 and over who invest in this work, since they don’t move as often as younger homeowners and would rather invest more in their current property. That, and they typically have more money saved up for such projects. These Baby Boomer homeowners currently outspend Millennial homeowners (those born 1982-1995) three to one on home remodeling, but that ratio may change within the coming years as Millennials grow older. But whether a Millennial or their Baby Boomer parents, a homeowner may enjoy the results of any remodeling job.

Getting the Job Done

Skilled homeowners may undertake smaller home remodeling jobs on their own, and they may target hardware such as wooden surfaces, lighting fixtures, wall paint, drawer sliders and handles, and the like. Better yet, homeowners have access to many online catalogs and websites such as Pinterest to find ideas. Many homeowners transform their properties like this, and many are eager to share their results and ideas online. This makes for a dazzling variety of references, not to mention the recommendations of hardware store staff. They, too, can offer ideas on lighting fixtures styles, wood staining or refinishing, handles, and more.

Larger jobs that totally transform a room are too much for a DIY homeowner to handle, so instead, they will call upon contractor teams who can get the job done. Such crews have floor experts, plumbers, electricians, and wood workers who can, all together, remodel a room. In the kitchen, this may involve replacing an old counter top with a tough granite or marble model, and the floor tiles may be removed and replaced with more attractive ones. The stove or dishwasher may be replaced with new models, and a plumber may swap out the sink. Experts may also refinish and repaint cabinet doors and repaint the walls.

The bathroom’s walls, floor, and lighting fixtures may also be refreshed and updated, and plumbers may replace the toilet, sink, tub, or shower with newer, low-flow models that save on water. This lowers the water bill and saves money over time.

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