What You Should Know About Tinting Your Windows

Windows are a key and critical part of just about any home out there. After all, windows let in light that is so essential for overall enjoyment in your home. They can help to warm the home as well, as well as helping to keep it cool when the sun goes down and the temperature drops. Simply put, living in a home that did not have any windows to speak of would certainly be a less than pleasant experience indeed – and one that the vast majority of people would certainly not want to deal with.

But windows, though most people might not realize this, also actually come with their fair share of threats too. For one thing, the light that windows let in is still damaging, though somewhat less so than direct sunlight. But if you were to sit in front of your window on a sunny day, you would still be getting as many as half of the UVB rays put off by the sun. Therefore, being in front of a window under such conditions can still reduce your chances of skin damage and, therefore, signs of aging at a young age and even the development of skin cancer in far too many cases. But most people do not want to wear sunscreen or protective clothing while inside their own homes – so what can be done?

Fortunately, the addition of something such as electrochromic window film can go a long way. And electrochromic window film is only just one example of tinted window film. In addition to this electrochromic window film, you can also opt for a smart window tint (which electrochromic window film is often categorized as) as well as an LCD window tint or even remote control tinted windows aside from the electrochromic window film mentioned above. Just adding such a window tint, from electrochromic window film to an MH dimmable tint, can actually block more than 99% of the sun’s harmful rays, turning your home into the safe oasis that you likely had previously thought it to be. And, as you might have already guessed, window tint such as electrochromic window film (and beyond) has many more benefits to it as well.

For instance, it can help to reduce your overall energy costs by keeping your rooms coolers in the summer months. This is due to the fact that windows tints like the typical electrochromic window film can actually block more than three quarters of the solar heat that would otherwise pass through the windows – up to 79% of it, as a matter of fact. In fact, you might even be so lucky as to find that your overall utility bill is actually reduced by as much as a full 40%, which is truly a tremendous amount of savings, all things considered and for the typical home or even place of business. And you don’t even have to worry about something like electrochromic window film significantly reducing the amount of light in your home, as such window films have been known to still let in up to 80% of the natural light that would otherwise pass through – and can even cut down on the glare that enters your windows by as much as a full 30%, which is really just beneficial all the way around.

And privacy on demand is also a popular reason to get a remote controlled window tint of any kind, such as that of the electrochromic window film. For many people, privacy is a hugely important thing, be it in their personal homes or even in the business that they run. Ultimately, however, many privacy measures can end up being quite expensive indeed. Fortunately, this is not the case for self tinting window film and the like. In fact, such self tinting window film is easy to afford and easy to run, as electrochromic window film that is used over the course of a full year will only cost as much as it would take to power a single 75 watt bulb. And that’s in regards to a whole home filled with such windows in place. Therefore, we can see that it is quite cost-effective indeed.

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