A Closer Look Into What You Should Know About The Very Real Risk Of Radon In Your Home

For many people, the presence of radon in the home is something of a mystery. But for many people, radon is actually a very real threat, especially if they live in certain parts of the United States. In some parts of the United States, such as on Native American reservation land, it is not uncommon for up to one third of all homes to have high levels of radon found within them. In addition to this, at least one fifteenth of all homes in the United States as a whole have high levels of radon as well.

There are a number of ways that radon can enter your home and expose you to various health issues. For one thing, improper sump pump installation has been shown to introduce radon to the home, as too has sump pump excavation. It is important that these procedures are conducted only by highly trained individuals, as they are not without risk in this regard. Fortunately, having professionals aware of the threat of radon install and take out your sump pump – as well as monitor it over the course of time – can greatly reduce the risk of high levels of radon being leaked into your home, something that just about any given radon testing contractor will attest to.

hiring a radon testing contractor at some point in time can also be helpful. A radon testing contractor will be able to be hired from just about any radon testing company, which in turn will likely be quite easy to find no matter where it is that you life. Radon testing services are widespread all throughout the country, as the services of a radon testing contractor are likely to be needed in just about any place. After all, a full one quarter of all homes in this country have sump pumps and therefore a great many people are likely to be at risk of radon exposure. A radon testing contractor can help you to determine that this is the case.

After all, there is more than one way a skilled and experienced radon testing contractor will be able to determine whether or not there are worrying levels of radon within your home. For a great many people, a short term testing, one that detects radon levels for a period of around three months, will be all that is necessary. In other cases, however, a long term test, which will detect radon even past this point, can be utilized. While this might seem a bit confusing to your typical lay person, it is something that will likely be quite clear to the average radon testing contractor, who will be able to make such a decision regarding your home and what your risk factors for radon exposure might be.

But why, exactly, is radon so bad for you? As any radon testing contractor or even any medical professional will be able to tell you, radon is far from benign and exposure to radon can have serious consequences. In fact, it has been conclusively established that radon is a chemical that actually leads to lung cancer, causing as many as 20,000 deaths from the disease over the course of just one year – and just within the United States. This makes it a top cause of the illness, second only behind the consumption of tobacco products.

But local radon testing companies employing a skilled radon testing contractor can most certainly help to fight back against this. As a matter of fact, simply detecting radon in more homes will greatly lessen the impact that radon can have on the health of many. After all, the data that has been gathered on the subject will more than back this up. As a matter of fact, just lowering radon levels in homes meeting the action level that has been set by the EPA could decrease total deaths related to lung cancer caused by radon by as much as a full 4%. This means that up to 5,000 total lives could be saved, if not even more than that.

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