Are You Considering Updating Your Home This Summer?

The birds and the roofers are competing.

Although there certainly have been many mornings in the past when the early morning bird catching the worm woke the neighborhood with its loud proclamations, there are many places today where roofers are competing for this wake up task. In places that are recovering from spring hail storms or high wind events, in fact, there is rarely a moment of light in the day when roofers are not working.

Unable to fly like the birds, of course, these roofers arrive at both homes and businesses with large trucks that announce going in reverse with loud and rhythmic beeping, as well as lifts and cherry pickers that provide their own sounds. Any idea of lying in bed in many neighborhoods is a thing of the past, as property owners attempt to take advantage of insurance claims and roofing crews to get work completed sooner rather than later.

Interior Projects Require as Much Work as Exterior
In the summer when there is so much obvious outdoor construction going on in many neighborhoods, it is sometimes easy to forget that there are many interior projects that are in progress as well. From the installation of bamboo flooring in a small kitchen to an entire remodel of a first floor, there are plenty of home projects to address if property owners want to maintain the value of their home.

In fact, bamboo flooring manufacturers have created so many new materials that it is often tempting to make a change even in a space that is still fairly new. From the latest strand woven eucalyptus to bamboo hardwood flooring options that have been around for years, updating the flooring in a home can add to its value, function, and beauty. In addition, some of the recently engineered bamboo flooring reviews also indicate that these surfaces are especially easy to maintain and clean.

Consider some of these specific facts and figures about the many reasons that a growing number of property owners are making the switch to bamboo flooring options:

  • Hardwood trees can take 20 years or more to reach maturity.
  • In comparison, bamboo is made from natural vegetation, plant which is a highly renewable resource, able to grow to maturity in as little as three to five years.
  • In fact, older, more established bamboo plants, usually at least three years in the ground, will often grow faster than newly planted ones.
  • Strand woven solid bamboo floors can be refinished to to four times.
  • Engineered bamboo floors, in comparisons, can be refinished up to two times.
  • The flooring industry in America reported 3.85% growth in revenue and 3.2% in volume from last year.

Whether you are replacing an old and worn out floor, or you are simply looking for an update that will make cleaning and maintenance easier, it is important to remember that summer is a perfect time for both indoor and outdoor remodeling updates.

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