How to Tell You Need to Call a Plumber Immediately

In the United States, 10% of households waste up to 90 gallons of water daily due to plumbing leaks. Plumbing emergencies can be nasty and inconveniencing. When they happen, you need the issue taken care of immediately. It’s no wonder that Americans spent $95 billion in response to such dire emergencies in 2013 alone.

While plumbing problems call for emergency fixes, that doesn’t mean that help comes cheap. Unexpected and unplanned for emergencies can decimate (or at least put a severe dent) in your finances. Thus, before you call that plumber to come and fix the problem, you need to be sure that it’s an emergency.

Read on to identify some circumstances that might necessitate calling an emergency plumber.

1. Malfunctioning Water Heater

If you own a tank-based water heater, strange noises can precede a significant problem that would require you to consult a plumber urgently. If you hear clicking sounds, it is a warning that sediment is gathering in the tank. You’ll need to bring in emergency plumber Fresno services to clean and flush the tank.

Another issue to look out for is when the water starts boiling inside the water tank. Shut your system down as soon as you notice this and call for emergency plumber Fresno services as this is a potentially dangerous situation. Whenever you happen to see water leaking around your heater, then don’t postpone calling emergency plumbing professionals. Any resulting water damage will lead to costly repairs.

When you decide that you want to get a replacement water heater, then you’ll need to call an emergency plumber Fresno service provider. Never attempt to replace water heater elements without professional help to avoid unexpected damage and injuries. The same goes for when you’re planning a tankless water heater install project.

2. Clogged Drains

Most of the time, when your drains are working correctly, you don’t pay them any mind. But once you experience clogged drains, your frustration can only be resolved by an emergency plumber Fresno service provider. Clogged drains become an emergency when they keep recurring. It can be due to inappropriate items blocking your drainage.

If you try to use your plunger and it doesn’t unclog, don’t use chemicals in an attempt at drain cleaning. The chemicals might work against you by harming the pipelines. Call a plumber as soon as possible to unblock your drains.

3. Frozen Pipes

During winter pipes tend to freeze, and this constricts the water from flowing to the facet. While there are many do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions to this on the internet, you need to call a professional to resolve it. In case you try a DIY method you don’t have experience in, you could cause your pipes to burst. That would leave you with a much bigger problem than frozen pipes.

Instead of risking burst pipes, call an emergency plumber Fresno service provider to help you thaw them. Should the pipe burst while the plumber is working on them, they are equipped to fix such a problem which is more advantageous for you.

4. Toilet Overflow

Few indoor-plumbing problems can be as nasty as an overflowing toilet. Identifying issues that might lead to an overflowing toilet isn’t as easy or direct for the regular homeowner. It could be a blocked pipe or other such issue. While some homeowners think that getting the water to stop might be the solution, that’s never the case. To capture the issue accurately and permanently, you need a trained eye to spot the root of the problem. Call an emergency plumber so that you don’t have a repeat of the same nastiness down the road.

Identify and Fix Emergency Plumbing Issues in Time

Many homes in the country waste significant amounts of water due to plumbing leaks. To fix these problems, Americans spend significant amounts annually. While most plumbing emergencies can’t be postponed, they might come with a hefty charge. Know how to identify plumbing emergencies so that you can spend prudently and get the best service whenever valid emergencies arise.

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