Is Your Backyard an Inviting Place for Gathering Friends and Family?

After the last few years of spending dollar after dollar on deductibles for other storms, you are finally going to get to invest in something other than roofs, windows, and siding. You are anxious for the completion of this new deck project because it should coincide with the cooler fall temperatures that are just around the corner. With a new deck and some additional landscaping in the back yard you are going to get an opportunity to enjoy some great family meals outside before winter returns. Once you find the answer to the question where can I get fill dirt you can work on your landscaping project preparations, while you allow the contractors to work on the deck. Attacking this projects on two fronts, you hope to get it completed much faster than if you were doing everything yourself.

The deck contractor you are working with does enough business that he has asked for very little money upfront. Instead, he wants to wait until you are completely satisfied with the project before you make the rest of the payments. Another contractor, in comparison, who asked for an inordinately high down payment appeared to be a flight risk and one who might leave you with an uncompleted project. Or, worse yet, you feared the other contractor take the money and leave town without rendering any services. The contractor you have hired, however, appears to be willing to work with you, even when it comes time to answering your question about where can I get fill dirt for the landscaping I want to work on while his crew completes the deck.

Backyard Sanctuaries Continue to be a Priority for Many Families

Starting with the smallest of details about landscaping shell, natural stone pavers, and potting soil, and moving on to bigger questions like hiring a new deck contractor, there are many steps that are involved in creating the best backyard. In a time when so much of our lives seem to be timetables and turmoil, however, stopping to ask a question about where can I get fill dirt seems like a welcome break.

If you are embarking on a backyard renovation, consider some of these facts and figures about the many details you may need to be prepared for:

  • With only 5% organic matter, healthy soil contains 45% minerals, 25% water, and 25% air.
  • Part of the reason soil is so important is that it stores about 0.01% of the total water on Earth within its pores.
  • In addition to providing an immediate visual improvement, landscaping can increase a home’s resale value by as much as 14%.
  • In fact, spending as little as 5% of a home’s value on landscaping may bring a return on investment (ROI) of as much as 150%.
  • Investing the time and money in a one inch layer of small rocks can provide good weed control for the life of a landscaped area.
  • Organic and inorganic are the two types of mulch.

From decks to flowerbeds, there are many ways that you can add to the beauty, the function, and the value of your backyard.

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